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On The MIC with Jack Powers performing "She's In My Head"

Jack Powers is a Montclair State University student dedicated to indie rock-ing. Late last year they released their EP Jack Flowers and The Petal Tones, and they're here On The MIC to give us an exclusive live performance of one of the tracks off that record!

Why Jack Powers Rocks

  • makes indie rock in montclair dorm room

  • starting writing music in 2019

  • formed the group "The Petal Tones" made up of entirely music majors

About "She's In My Head"

""She’s In My Head" was the first song I wrote. It’s about how exciting, and also terrifying, the pre-dating stage of a relationship can be. No matter what your doubts are, you can’t really get that person out of your head once they are there." -Jack Powers

Check out Jack Powers's performance "On The MIC" below!


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