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On The MIC with Jovi Espina performing "Tomorrow Will Come"

After releasing her debut EP "Act Accordingly", Jovi Espina delivers an intimate performance of her track, "Tomorrow Will Come" just for The MIC!

Why Jovi Rocks

  • her name is a combination of her parents names, and NOT a riff off of Bon Jovi!

  • Filipino American singer-songwriter from VA, but currently based in LA

  • Her debut EP is out now titled "Act Accordingly"

About "Tomorrow Will Come"

"“Tomorrow Will Come” was written in the fall of 2020, shortly after the world began the shift back to “normal”. It was a point in time when I had to make a decision to figure out where I was going. I started heavily pursuing my music, crowd funded to put out my first EP, and eventually in 2022, moved to Los Angeles. It’s okay to feel stuck, just don’t stay there." -Jovi Espina

Check out Jovi Espina performance "On The MIC" below!


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