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On The MIC with Ralph Puma performing "So It Goes"

This week On The MIC we're excited to have Ralph Puma performing his track, "So It Goes"!

Why Ralph Puma Rocks

  • known for his pop-punk and emo tunes, he's currently traversing into a pop expedition

  • toured, traveled & lived across the US, spending the most time in Nashville & NYC

  • played in many bands, including Tonight at Ten, Remember Venice, and Kill Me Kate

  • composed & arranged songs for an off-Broadway production of "Much Ado About Nothing."

  • currently working on collaboration singles with music videos he conceptualizes!

About "So It Goes"

"So It Goes (feat. John Black & Tim Robbins)”, is about separation and grieving those we must separate from for our own good– even if the separation necessarily involves a part of ourselves. Its slow building composition crescendos into a realization and release you can’t help but scream along to. It was produced by John Black of Desired Effect Media and features his presence musically & vocally. Tim Robbins of The Nuclear Heartbreak is also featured on bass." -Ralph Puma

Check out Ralph Puma's performance "On The MIC" below!


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