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On The MIC with your friend juniper performing "Laredo"

This week, your friend juniper performs a currently unreleased and emotional tune, "Laredo," On The MIC!

Why your friend juniper Rocks

  • indie singer-songwriter, performer, and producer in LA

  • graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston

  • co-founded a music collective and venue space all while recording, producing, and releasing original music!

  • influenced by the greats like, Regina Spektor and Barbara Streisand

  • creates evocative music inspired by activism!

About "Laredo" "I chose "Laredo" to go back to my roots a bit. It is one of the first songs I ever wrote back in 2015 when I was first starting as a student at Berklee. I sat down with my microphones set up and my camera rolling and just really desired to play that song and bring it back to life. It is unreleased and I honestly haven’t played it in years. It felt like a special song to do for On The Mic. Laredo is about my dad, Ruben E. Ochoa. He passed away when I was 18. This song is a memory piece about his hometown, Laredo, Texas. It is where he grew as a person in the most porous time. Performing it makes me think of him and brings back a lot of beautiful memories." - your friend juniper

Check out your friend juniper's performance "On The MIC" below!


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