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"One More Shot": Shower Beers and SoSo Serve Up an Infectiously Rhythmic New Single

Their aim stands out, their musical purpose cutting through the noise as they set out to deliver irresistible hooks and colossal choruses. Born in the vibrant heart of Murray Hill, NYC, Shower Beers, a pop-punk creation by Chris Diorio, is making waves. Their debut EP, The Pregame Properly, released earlier this year, quietly garnered a dedicated following. Now, their sophomore EP, Miracle on 34th and 3rd, is on the horizon, with the journey commencing this month through the release of their single, "One More Shot." Collaborating with talented artists like SoSo and We Demand Parachutes, this project, produced by Rob Freeman, promises a fresh, electrifying sound. Shower Beers' music, as described by idobi Radio, hits like "an uppercut with brass knuckles," offering the perfect soundtrack to kickstart a party, fuel an intense workout, or infuse your day with boundless energy. This week Shower Beers released their first single from the EP with the Australian group SoSo, for their new single, "One More Shot." Let's take a listen!

Saving Vice Image Credit: Evan Middleton

Image Credit: Kerry McCue

"One More Shot"

Written By: Shower Beers

Featuring: SoSo

Vocals, Guitar, Bass: Chris Diorio

Guitar: Brian Staples

Drums: Josh Grigsby

Backing Vocals: Kevin McCord, Kerry McCue

Production, Engineering: Rob Freeman

Mastering: Mike Kalajian

In the words of Shower Beers: "One More Shot" is the perfect lead single for our new EP. Some of the songs might have a bigger chorus, a vibey-er bridge, or more technical musicianship, but "One More Shot" does the best job of wrapping everything that makes Shower Beers "Shower Beers" up in a tight 3 minutes. It perfectly encapsulates what this project is - fat riffs, a couple of jokes, and hook after hook after hook."

LONG STORY SHORT: Shower Beers' latest single, "One More Shot" featuring SoSo, is a pop-punk gem that kicks off with a powerful instrumental lead-up featuring tight drums and gripping guitar riffs. The song's strength lies in its fast, melodic vocal lines, which seamlessly complement the energetic guitar work, evoking reminiscent vibes of the iconic Blink-182. "One More Shot" weaves a cute and fun love story throughout, with lyrics like "I found the one in a dirty basement bathroom/You said we should/Get a matching pair of tattoos.../Cause you're the one that's perfect for me" painting a vivid picture of this romance. The track maintains its momentum with a commanding bridge at the 1:16 mark, crafting a composition that's both infectious and rhythmic. Direct and to the point, "One More Shot" serves as a vibrant testament to the timeless appeal of pop punk.

One More Shot - Shower Beers


Stream "One More Shot" below!


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