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Richard Berger's 'Retrovert': Surging Synth Soundscapes Blend Retro and Contemporary Elements

Updated: May 18

Richard Berger is a multifaceted artist who seamlessly balances his dual passions for music and technology. Based in LA, he wears multiple hats as a songwriter and indie artist while also spearheading a tech lab for major motion picture studios. With influences ranging from classic icons like The Beatles and Stevie Wonder to contemporary acts like Tame Impala and Real Estate, Berger's music transcends decades, blending genres into an intricate tapestry of indie, neo-psychedelic synth pop, alternative modern rock, jazz, and R&B. In his 50s, Berger reflects on the passage of time, but his creativity remains youthful and vibrant, infusing his compositions with a timeless energy. As a keyboard player, he orchestrates lush soundscapes where guitars play a supporting role, and his introspective lyrics delve into themes of relationships, personal growth, and the pursuit of creative passion. His latest album, Retrovert, encapsulates his ethos of blending the nostalgic with the contemporary, offering listeners a unique sonic journey that resonates with dreamers longing for both the past and the future.

richard berger

Richard Berger's latest album Retrovert is a captivating journey through a fusion of genres and influences. In tracks like "Another One," Berger intricately weaves together synth-pop elements with moving bass lines, creating a landscape of lustful imagination through his lyrics, "I live in a fantasy/ You may be the one/ Or just another one." Meanwhile, "Ignore Me" embraces electronic effects in the vocals giving a contemporary edge while still channeling a 90s production vibe.

"Even though I am older now, I still feel like the same 20-something-year-old kid making music, but now with a bit more to say."

"Why Does It Have To Take So Long," presents a strong groove where the beat feels like it's dancing around the vocals. At times the vocal lines move from front to back of the mix, mirroring the lyrical themes of shallowness, "On and on and I /feel like I don’t matter...Shallow Feelings/ I know better ways." This interplay between arrangement and lyrics gives you a track that is both introspective and danceable, while also giving a sense of depth.

Richard Berger 'Retrovert' Album Art by Isaac Berger

Album Art: Isaac Berger

The interlude, "Retrovert Interlude," infuses modern influences with spacey atmospheres groovy rhythms, and limited vocal lines echoing the influence of Tame Impala. 

In "Close Your Eyes," Berger's vocals take center stage amidst a rich tapestry of production elements, seamlessly blending electronica with nostalgic vocal stylings. Similarly, "Get Away" showcases Berger's strong vocals against a backdrop of powerful drum fills that drive the song forward. The honest lyricism reflects a desire to shield one's partner from personal struggles, as Berger laments, "Every little thing, All I know is I am drowning/ I don’t feel a thing/ And I don’t want to pull you under." 

In "Time," there's a delightful fusion of 80s keyboard lines and classic rock balladry, heightened by a luring saxophone. Similarly, "My Love" captivates with its opening melodic guitar lines, reminiscent of John Mayer's style, with a tender repeated lyrical line, "You are my home."

richard berger

Berger's honest lyricism and emotive vocals shine throughout the album, culminating in the poignant finale, "Gone Gone Gone," where powerful vocals and singable melodies intertwine with surging synths.

LONG STORY SHORT: Each track on Richard Berger's Retrovert establishes a lush and expansive foundation, building on intricate synth arrangements. The seamless transitions from one track to the next craft a cohesive and immersive experience creating a carefully curated playlist-like experience.

richard berger

Stream Retrovert below! 


Songwriting: Richard Berger

Production: Richard Berger

Drums: Tony Morra

Drum Programming: Matthew Glotzer

Guitar: Melanie Faye

Featured Artists:

Maisie May, vocals

Marshall Via, guitar


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