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Ryan Lynch Ignites a Groove-Infused Journey in his new single "Firelight"

Ryan Lynch, a talented singer-songwriter from Michigan, is carving a musical niche for himself with his soulful melodies and evocative lyrics. With a passion for music ignited at nine, Ryan has honed his craft over the years, captivating audiences with his live performances since the age of twelve. Renowned for his poignant lyricism and timeless sound, Ryan seamlessly blends the classic rock influences of his upbringing with the modern pop and indie vibes of his adulthood. Ryan Lynch has earned significant accolades, including being featured on WYCE 88.1 FM and selling out the North Star Lounge in Ann Arbor. Moreover, he also won the 2022 Walk The Beat Grand Haven Music Festival, giving him 40 hours of free studio time. These achievements motivated him to spend two years meticulously refining his songs for his latest album, Stages. This record serves as a testament to his musical evolution, showcasing a perfect fusion of his diverse influences and talents. Let's dive into one of the singles off the track, "Firelight."

Ryan Lynch Photo Credit: Parker Durand

Photo Credit: Parker Durand


Music and Lyrics: Ryan Kelley Lynch, Stephen Koehnline Rowley IV, Scott Andrew Freeland 

Music: Harrison Vanstone Samoy

Lyrics: Abhay Mayank Vora 

Production: Raziel Castaneda 

In the words of Ryan Lynch: "Firelight is a reflection of how I feel about the expectations I had for my life when I was younger, versus where I've wound up so far. I drew inspiration lyrically from the Ethiopian folktale "The Fire On The Mountain." I read it first when I was 9, and the image of a man standing in the bitter cold on the peak of a mountain, watching a campfire a companion had set for him miles away, stuck with me. I still think about it a lot. What am I willing to endure to secure my own future? That question and those feelings are what wound up becoming the story of the song."

Stages Ryan Lynch  Album Art: Hannah DH

Album Art: Hannah DH

LONG STORY SHORT: In Ryan Lynch's "Firelight," listeners are treated to a dynamic and groove-laden experience kicking off with funky guitar lines. Lynch's vocals are crisp and clear, guiding the listener throughout the song. Beginning with sparse instrumentation, the track gradually builds up, layering drums and additional lead guitar lines. At 1:42, a ripping guitar solo bursts out, complemented by an acoustic rhythm guitar creating a specific depth to the track. Throughout the song, Lynch showcases his guitar dexterity, particularly highlighted in this electrifying solo. The lyrics in the chorus evoke a sense of yearning for a brighter future with lines like "So I’ll be wastin' away/Watch a flame from the mountainside/Waitin on the day /I’ll feel warmth not firelight."

"Firelight" is a groovy blend of guitar riffs and mysterious and concise lyricism, making this a standout track off his debut record!

Ryan Lynch Photo Credit: Parker Durand

Photo Credit: Parker Durand 


Stream "Firelight" below! 


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