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See Life Through Modern Life Elixir's "ROSE TINT"

Modern Life Elixir members Max Headroom, Dave Cooper, and Trevor Ramasir were connected by the Canadian Craigslist, Kijiji. Based in Toronto, Canada, together, the trio creates catchy pop tunes paired with heavier guitar textures that come straight out of the early 2000s handbook. The group has released three full-length albums in addition to a few other singles. Just last week, Modern Life Elixir released Wet Fleece, an eight-song record written and released in their home studio. Let’s dig into one of their tracks off the tape, “ROSE TINT.”

Photo Credit: Shaylene MacArthur


Songwriting, Production: Max Headroom

Bass: Trevor Ramasir

Drums: Dave Cooper

Vocals, Synthesizer, Guitar: Max Headroom

In the words of Modern Life Elixir: "Wet Fleece is an observation about the ways we carry around ideas or habits that used to serve us when we were younger, well into adulthood. In turn, they make us uncomfortable or hold us back to some degree. Wet Fleece felt like a descriptor of that notion, something that was once comforting but is now soaked, heavy, and a weight on our shoulders."

LONG STORY SHORT: You could easily mistake this for Blink 182. "ROSE TINT" is familiar yet hilarious. Headroom sings about what could be a quarter-life crisis, "That Thinking back I shoulda been a lawyer or doctor/But I'm sure I'd find the money without taking off tops first/So Please check out my only fans." The whole song grapples with the idea of being stuck in rose-colored glasses, a positive mindset almost to a detriment. You can hear it from the lines, "See, the joke is it's covered in rose tint...There's psychosis in paying the rent," and with Headroom referring to life as a 'bleached out dream' with the ending lyric, "Were not waking up/From this bleached out dream." There might not be a light at the end of this tunnel, but more of a cynical spotlight. Good news is, it's still catchy!


Stream "ROSE TINT" below!


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