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Sway to the Romantic Rhythms of PEÑA's New Single "aquí conmigo"

Introducing PEÑA, the brainchild of Nico Valenzuela, a musical endeavor that seamlessly weaves together a tapestry of diverse influences. Hailing from San Francisco, Peña navigates through a sonic landscape that traverses 80’s/90’s Latin Pop, 90’s and ‘00s emo and punk, and modern psyche rock to create their own sound of Bossa Nova and Psychedelic Cumbia. With their upcoming full-length album "para ti" releasing on April 23rd, PEÑA has been steadily unveiling a series of singles, including the eagerly anticipated "aquí conmigo." Born to Chilean immigrants listening to Reggaeton, Bachata, and Salsa oozing from the car windows of his NJ hometown, Valenzuela's journey from rebellion against his Latin roots to embracing them forms the cornerstone of PEÑA's identity. With a revolving lineup that blends Valenzuela's solo vision with the collective energy of his bandmates—Karina Alterman, Lewis Gallardo, Sina Khan, Saam Khan, and Max Bramer—Peña finds its home in the Bay Area, where they not only create music together but also support each other's artistic ventures.


"aquí conmigo"

Drums: Max Bramer, Saam Khan, Fabrizio Incerti

Conga: Saam Khan

Saxophone: Karina Alterman, Victor Gavallos

Trumpet: Charles Ryan

Engineer: Will Chason

Mastered: Jason Kick of Santo Recording

Songwriting: Nico Valenzuela

In the words of Nico Valenzuela:

"["aquí conmigo" is] My attempt at a classic bolero love song, filled with dramatic longing and a heartwarming display of affection… I started with the refrain 'aquí conmigo' and continued with the classic analogy of the relationship between butterflies and flowers, and how much they depend on each other.. It’s the most vulnerable song I’ve written so far, and my proudest achievement. An album full of experiments in Latin styles of music, I felt this to be the most successful one."

aqui conmigo PEÑA album art

LONG STORY SHORT: Peña's "aquí conmigo," delivers a captivating blend of influences that pay homage to his rich cultural background and hometown, while infusing it with a fresh, contemporary air. With a romantic flare and lo-fi, relaxed elements, the track effortlessly entices listeners to sway their hips to its rhythm. The track exhibits very strong instrumentation and arrangement, where the sounds weave together seamlessly, with the horns dancing around the vocal melodies. As the lyrics express themes of adoration, tender longing, and deep love, the instrumentation delicately dances along, painting a vivid storyline of affection and connection.

Peña's "aquí conmigo" transcends any language barrier, crafting a song that beautifully merges diverse influences into a seamless and captivating track, fit for any indie playlist.


Stream "aquí conmigo" below! 


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