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The MIC Mag's March 2024 Issue!

Welcome to The MIC's Monthly Issue, where you can see what we've had on repeat all month long!

Jeff Petescia:

Jeff Petescia MMOTM

At the age of 14, Jeff began a transformative journey driven by a newfound passion for music. Sparked by the enthralling guitar melodies of bands like Blink-182 and Green Day and with guitar tones and live performances, particularly those by the Dave Matthews Band. Teaching himself to play guitar upside down, Jeff also fostered a passion for songwriting, a craft he had dabbled in since childhood. Now, nearly 17 years later, Jeff stands as a seasoned musician, notably as a member of the alternative indie folk band Cold Weather Company and as a solo artist with a diverse range of musical endeavors, spanning from acoustic indie folk to collaborative indie-electronic projects under the moniker Pet Droid, or simply his own name, Jeff Petescia. Read more about Jeff Petescia here.

Listen to Jeff Petescia here:


Christine Tarquinio "All Angles"

Christine Tarquinio All Angles Album Art

Singer-songwriter Christine Tarquinio from Melbourne, Australia, released her debut single in 2014 and since has been crafting her diverse musical style. Christine's artistry serves as a vessel for storytelling, drawing upon her own life experiences to weave compelling narratives within her songs. Collaborating with fellow musicians, she brings her dreams to fruition, infusing her compositions with authenticity and emotion. Last year Tarquinio released her "You and Me" before her EP Silhouette, and now she's back with another single, "All Angles."

Read more about "All Angles" here.

Stream Christine Tarquinio's "All Angles" here


GreenWing "Enough":

GreenWing 'Enough' Album Art

Emerging onto the Canadian music scene in 2021, GreenWing carved out their niche with a magnetic blend of captivating melodies, pulsating rhythms, and an electrifying stage presence. Their debut album, Late Bloomer, unleashed in 2022, catapulted them into the limelight, securing coveted opening slots for renowned acts like Three Days Grace, Mom Jeans, and Reinwolf. While they were gearing up for their sophomore album, Eatin' It, and after they released their single "At The Time" earlier in February, we took a look into their release "Enough"!

Read more GreenWing's "Enough" here!

Listen to GreenWing's "Enough" here


Ryan Lynch "Firelight"

Ryan Lynch "Firelight" Album Art

Ryan Lynch, a talented singer-songwriter from Michigan, is carving a musical niche for himself with his soulful melodies and evocative lyrics. With a passion for music ignited at nine, Ryan has honed his craft over the years, captivating audiences with his live performances since the age of twelve. Ryan Lynch has earned significant accolades, including being featured on WYCE 88.1 FM and selling out the North Star Lounge in Ann Arbor. These achievements motivated him to spend two years meticulously refining his songs for his latest album, Stages. This record serves as a testament to his musical evolution, showcasing a perfect fusion of his diverse influences and talents.

Read more about Ryan Lynch's "Firelight" here!

Listen to Ryan Lynch's "Firelight" here


Joe Billy Fissure (Deluxe Edition)

Joe Billy Fissure Deluxe Edition

Introducing Joe Billy, the quintessential acoustic punk artist who embodies the essence of introspection and angst. With a musical style that seamlessly merges energetic punk with the raw authenticity of folk, Joe Billy offers a captivating journey through his intelligent lyricism and upbeat melodies. In 2023 he released Fissure, a compilation of ten strong, reflective tracks. Just last month, Joe Billy released Fissure (Deluxe Edition), adding twelve more tracks of demos to the mix. Let's dive into the immersive world of Joe Billy and the Joe Billy Collective.

Read more about Joe Billy's Fissure (Deluxe Edition) here

Listen to Joe Billy's Fissure (Deluxe Edition) here


GreenWing Eatin' It

GreenWing  'Eatin' It'

Finally! This month we were treated to the official release of GreenWing's Eatin' It! Building on their 2022 debut, the band's dynamic vocalist, Matt Stinn, balances wit and introspection across tracks exploring diverse themes. GreenWing persisted despite the logistical challenges during the six-week recording process, with bassist Travis Williams providing live production feedback over Skype from an airport in Nunavut, while vocalist Matt Stinn recorded vocals twelve hours away in Saskatoon. Embracing support from like-minded individuals, GreenWing leaned on their tight-knit circle to craft a sophomore album they eagerly anticipate sharing with listeners. With infectious melodies and newfound depth, Eatin' It is ready to rock audiences.

Read more about GreenWing's Eatin' It here!  

Listen to GreenWing's Eatin' It here!


Other Fun Things The MIC Mag + MG Did In March:


Meet Vermont singer-songwriter, Breanna Elaine. She creates a tapestry of earthy folk melodies infused with elements of rock, bluegrass, and punk showcased in her debut studio album, "Seedlings," released in January 2023. Armed with her guitar and banjo, Breanna delivers a mesmerizing mix of original compositions and eclectic covers at her performances. Drawing comparisons to iconic artists like Jewel, Alanis Morissette, and Stevie Nicks, Breanna has carved out a unique niche in Vermont's music scene. With over 100 original songs awaiting recording, her upcoming project, "Where the Snakes Live," promises to enchant listeners and serve as a meaningful endeavor dedicated to raising awareness and funds for addiction support.

Read more about Breanna and her mission here!

indie artist bio 101

As an independent artist, crafting your biography is an essential aspect of presenting yourself to the world! Whether it's for your press release, an EPK, or promotional materials, your biography serves as a window into your life, your music, and your journey as an artist.

Read more our top tips here!

Celebrating Women's HERstory Month: Insights and Inspiration from Indie Artists

womens herstory month: indie artist advice

Following International Women's Day and in Celebration of Women's History (HERstory) Month, The MIC wanted to do something special to highlight women, female-identifying and queer artists.

We spoke to artists about their experiences as artists in an often male-dominated space and any advice they wish they heard, or have learned throughout the years!

Read their stories here!

womens herstory month: female music industry trailblazers

After The MIC began speaking with women, female-identifying and queer artists independent artists understanding their stories and words of wisdom. Through these conversations, we couldn't help but think about the women behind the scenes. The women in the music industry who too often go unnoticed and unappreciated. For this feature, we spoke with four incredible women, who are not only in the music industry, but they've all started their own businesses, creating their own narrative and niche in the industry. They're talented, they're fierce and we're so excited to share their stories with you! Read their stories here!


Thanks for seeing what we've been up to and listening to this month; stay tuned for April!


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