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From Heartache to Hope: Breanna Elaine's Mission to Support Addiction Recovery through Crowdfunding Campaign and Upcoming Release, "Where the Snakes Live"

Meet Vermont singer-songwriter, Breanna Elaine. She creates a tapestry of earthy folk melodies infused with elements of rock, bluegrass, and punk showcased in her debut studio album, "Seedlings," released in January 2023. Armed with her guitar and banjo, Breanna delivers a mesmerizing mix of original compositions and eclectic covers at her performances. Drawing comparisons to iconic artists like Jewel, Alanis Morissette, and Stevie Nicks, Breanna has carved out a unique niche in Vermont's music scene. With over 100 original songs awaiting recording, her upcoming project, "Where the Snakes Live," promises to enchant listeners and serve as a meaningful endeavor dedicated to raising awareness and funds for addiction support.

Breanna Elaine "Where the Snakes Live" album art

"Where the Snakes Live"

Song & Music Video Releasing: Summer 2024

Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign: Live Until April 20, 2024

In the words of Breanna Elaine:

"I want to flip the grief I’m dealing with and make some kind of a positive difference in the community. We may not have been able to save Jeremy and so many others who have died from this terrible disease, but we can come together now and help others like them get the help they need. If I can be another advocate and help fight some of the stigma, that would be great… the more I thought about how judgmental people are, the more I wanted to get involved."

Breanna Elaine

LONG STORY SHORT: Inspired by the tragic loss of her friend Jeremy Theirault to a heroin overdose, Breanna Elaine wanted to create a tribute that went beyond a song release. Collaborating with Turning Point, a Rutland-based nonprofit dedicated to supporting individuals in recovery, Breanna's project takes on a philanthropic dimension. Through an ongoing crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, she aims to fund a full band recording and music video for her upcoming release, "Where the Snakes Live," pledging to contribute 5% of all proceeds to Turning Point regardless of reaching the funding target. The demo version of the track captures Breanna's soulful solo performance, resonating with themes of loss and resilience with lyrics like, "You really know how to rip off the bandaid ... You really know how to strike like lightning / Leave me feelin' like I've been burnt to a crisp." With plans for a summer release alongside a benefit concert on August 17 at Merchants Hall in Rutland, where all proceeds will benefit Turning Point, Breanna is committed to using her music as a vehicle for positive change. By participating in events like Turning Point's "Stomping Out Stigma" in September, she hopes to challenge the stigma surrounding addiction, promoting empathy and support through her music and activism.

Donate to Breanna Elaine's mission here.

"Quantum Leap" Breanna Elaine


Stream Breanna Elaine's music below! 


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