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Take a Bite into DeLorean Jaws' Latest Track, "Blue Screen Blues (Part 1 & 2)

From scattered bands to solo projects, Eric Lapp was determined to pivot and created his latest musical persona in 2021, DeLorean Jaws. Aiming to develop danceable indie rock with a DIY aesthetic, DeLorean Jaws was born from a one-off experiment to create dance music before expanding into an official musical endeavor. He incorporates a wide range of influences from electronic acts like M.I.A. and Daft Punk to more punk bands like Gang of Four and Wire.

With four previous releases, DeLorean Jaws is back with his third release of 2022, "Blue Screen Blues (Parts 1 & 2). Starting with electronic sounds familiar from video games, before the entrance of typical rock instrumentation with distorted guitars and drums. Within the first thirty seconds, the marriage of DeLorean Jaws' influences is visible. The next entrance is of a female voice speaking phrases, "you're someone I think about every day, and really what more can I need… and you may not think of me, and that's okay." By adding the spoken words, the listener can understand more of the track's narrative, which seems to be a snippet of a conversation between a couple where this voice is opening up to her partner. While she states, "you may not think of me, and that's okay," it seems hyperbolic given that phrase is then the only one repeated and looped. At 1:47, you might believe you're in a new room with layers removed while only the indie rock building blocks remain before pasting back on more layers of electronica.

LONG STORY SHORT: "Blue Screen Blues (Parts 1 & 2) is a unique blend and hodgepodge of sounds from indie rock and electronic dance. DeLorean Jaws is a fresh take on genre-bending and, in his own words, creates "music to vibe and jam and shake your tailfeathers to." See for yourself and stream below!


Written & Performed by: Eric Lapp

Cover Art - "Andrea" on pexels


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