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The October 2023 Issue

Welcome to The MIC's Monthly Issue, where you can see what we've had on repeat all month long!

maddie rien:

maddie rien MMOTM

From the diverse landscapes of Sierra Vista, Arizona, Maddie Rien embarked on a musical journey at a young age, finding solace and expression in her melodic creations. Born into a military family, Maddie's nomadic childhood laid the foundation for her heartfelt storytelling through songwriting. Now, at 20 years old and based in the creative hub of Los Angeles, California, Maddie collaborates with producer David Kidd to breathe life into her deeply personal narratives. Her music, situated within the vast realm of Pop, serves as a universal testament to the joys and trials of youth, appealing to a broad spectrum of listeners. In each note and lyric, Maddie's unwavering commitment to experimentation within the genre shines through, ensuring that her musical path remains a captivating and ever-evolving one. This October, The MIC celebrated maddie rien, as our MIC Musician of the Month! Read more about maddie rien here! Listen to maddie rien here:


Tomorrowish Almost Home:

Tomorrowish 'Almost Home'

Tomorrowish's Almost Home is a striking debut album that offers a delightful blend of catchy melodies, impressive musicianship, and thoughtful lyrics. It's an album that keeps you coming back for more. Almost Home is a must-listen, and we actually mean it.

Read more about Tomorrowish's Almost Home here.

Listen to Almost Home here!


retrovale. "climbing":

retrovale. "climbing"

retrovale.'s "climbing" is a multifaceted and emotionally charged musical journey. With its intricate soundscapes, heartfelt lyricism, and a dynamic progression that mirrors the ups and downs of life, that is not only captivating but also deeply resonant.

Read more about "climbing" here.

Stream retrovale.'s "climbing" here:


valentine's day "Modeleo":

valentine's day OTM

"It captures the bittersweet feeling of summer coming to an end and having to let go of things that don’t serve you." -valentine's day

Read more about valentine's day here.

Watch valentines day's On the MIC episode here!


Edie Yvonne "Queen Bee":

"Queen Bee" Edie Yvonne

Despite its brevity at just 2 minutes and 4 seconds,"Queen Bee" leaves a lasting impression. It's a short and sweet reminder of the pop music that brought joy to our lives in the 2000s, wrapped in a modern, meaningful package. Edie Yvonne may be young, but her music and her message are powerful. Stay tuned for the music video, coming soon!

Read more about Edie Yvonne's "Queen Bee" here.

Stream Edie Yvonne's "Queen Bee" here:


The Behaviour "Turning Tricks..."

The Behaviour 'A Sin Dance'

"Turning Tricks..." by The Behaviour is a captivating and enigmatic musical journey, blending dark and poetic lyrics with a skillfully balanced musical composition that uncovers intricate layers and profound storytelling.

Read more about "Turning Tricks..." here

Stream "Turning Tricks..." here:


Marc Del Giudice "Daylight Hours":

Marc Del Giudice OTM

"[Daylight Hours is] about the everyday struggles that seem to suffocate you till the sun goes down." -Marc Del Giudice"

Read more about Marc Del Giudice here.

Watch Marc Del Giudice's On the MIC episode here!


King of Cups "Missing You":

"Missing You" King of Cups

King of Cups' "Missing You," is a pop-punk gem that immediately grabs your attention with a drum roll and energetic guitar riff. The song showcases the band's knack for crafting melodic vocal lines that seamlessly blend with more direct, upfront backup vocals. The chorus follows the typical pop-punk formula, complete with the familiar vocal timbre, but it's the emotionally charged lyrics that set this track apart. Tackling the heart-wrenching theme of losing a loved one, the song manages to deliver a catchy pop-punk melody while dealing with profound subject matter. King of Cups' use of harmonies is noteworthy, adding depth to the track.

Read more about King of Cups "Missing You" here!

Listen to "Missing You" here:


The Behaviour's A Sin Dance:

5FF The Behaviour

In 2020, Der Baron M. Kilpatric gave life to The Behaviour, a post-alternative rock project infused with a gothic aesthetic. After more than two decades of lending his exceptional drumming talents to renowned bands like Black Light Burns, The Esoteric, Seaspin, Kylesa, F-Minus, Crisis, and Today is the Day, Kilpatric unveiled his mesmerizing and profoundly moving solo endeavor. In September, he officially released The Behaviour's debut album, A Sin Dance, offering a cathartic journey that delves deep into themes of redemption, healing, and self-discovery. This album, meticulously written, arranged, and performed solely by Kilpatric, draws from influences like Jeff Buckley, Soundgarden, Slint, Killing Joke, Pink Floyd, Leonard Cohen, My Bloody Valentine, David Bowie, and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. The Behaviour represents a fusion of artistic integrity, passion, and a wealth of experience, capturing the essence of finding oneself through introspection and within the tapestry of interpersonal relationships. It serves as a healing balm for repressed emotions, an enlightening voyage for evolving sensibilities, and a therapeutic elixir for melancholy, marking Kilpatric's return to the music scene. This week, Stef from The MIC sat down with Marshall to discuss music and The Behavior's debut album, A Sin Dance. Read the interview here!

Listen to A Sin Dance here!


Wishful Thinking "Water Bottle":

Wishful Thinking "Water Bottle"

Wishful Thinking's "Water Bottle," immediately feels like a nod to the genre's roots with its gritty guitar tones and classic pop-punk tropes. What sets it apart is the call-and-response vocals that inject a sense of urgency, perfectly complemented by tight, driving drums. The song features a strong guitar motif, a catchy riff that's hard to forget, and clear vocal tones that effortlessly convey the emotional journey at the heart of the lyrics.

Read more about Wishful Thinking's "Water Bottle" here!

Listen to Wishful Thinking's "Water Bottle" here!


Lost Foxes "Petrichor":

Lost Foxes "Petrichor"

Lost Foxes' latest track, "Petrichor," is a sensory journey beginning with the soothing sound of rainfall. The gentle electronic keyboards create a surreal backdrop for raw, unfiltered vocals that exude the most authentic energy we've heard from the band to date. As the song unfolds, delicate acoustic strumming and swells of strings enhance the emotional depth of the composition. "Petrichor" stands out as the band's strongest offering to date, hitting its stride around the 0:50 mark when the drums make a dynamic entrance. While the production experiments with new techniques, occasionally pushing the boundaries, it adds an intriguing element to the song, showcasing the band's willingness to explore outside their comfort zone.

Read more about "Petrichor" here.

Listen to "Petrichor" here!


Sierra Levesque "GET OFF MY STAGE":

Sierra Levesque "GET OFF MY STAGE"

Sierra Levesque, the rising star of the music world, has unleashed her formidable talents as a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist with the long-awaited release of her debut single, "GET OFF MY STAGE." This electrifying track, skillfully combining her unique artistry with the renowned production expertise of Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal, just released on September 1st. Hailing from Pembroke, Ontario, Canada, this 18-year-old rock sensation is on a mission to spearhead the new generation of Rock 'N Roll, and she's already earned recognition as "Gen Z’s Most Ambitious New Guitarist" by Sierra's distinctive sound, influenced by classic rock and heavy metal legends, has earned her comparisons to iconic musicians like Ann Wilson and Nancy Wilson. With a love for artists spanning pop, rock, and metal genres, Sierra Levesque's music promises to be a breath of fresh air in today's music and guitar landscape. Stef caught up with Levesque to discuss "GET OFF MY STAGE" and how Machine Gun Kelly influenced the track.

Read the interview here!

Stream "GET OFF MY STAGE" here:


Other Fun Things The MIC Did In October:

Guitar Picks

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YouTube #Shorts

Roger McGuinn (Byrds), Jakob Dylan & The Wallflowers- Turn! Turn! Turn! Crossroads 9/23/2023:

John Mayer Trio, Vultures Crossroads 9/23/2023

ZZ Top jams at Crossroads, 9/23/2023

ZZ Top Sharp Dressed Man Crossroads 9/23/2023

John Mayer Trio Gravity Crossroads 9/23/2023:

ZZ Top La Grange Crossroads 9/23/2023

John Mayer Trio Gravity Solo Crossroads, 9/23/2023

Thanks for seeing what we've been up to and listening to in October; stay tuned for November!


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