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What's a Motherboard?

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

It all started in early 2019, when Paul Machado (guitarist and vocalist) and Kyle Dempsey (bassist) met at community college. Realizing their shared love for rock music, the duo began collaborating. Next addition was the missing Machado’s childhood friend and drummer, Nathan Bozza -- and that’s when Motherboard was born. Playing a mix of hard and soft rock, all while incorporating a wide range of their influences including Tool, The Beatles, and Slipknot. But what is a “motherboard” and what does that have to do with three guys playing rock music? A motherboard is the central component of a computer, essentially the powerhouse. While the trio does not play electronic music, the idea of this energy and zeal that a motherboard holds, is something that the group would like to emulate, and the name stuck. Prior to COVID-19, Motherboard could have been seen playing live anywhere from Clifton’s Harp N Bard, NYC’s The Well, or New Brunswick’s Scarlet Pub. But how can you listen to them now? On their debut EP, Behind the Mask, of course!

Behind the Mask was recorded in just one short weekend, and released in May of 2020. The album starts with the title track, ‘Behind the Mask,’ full of energy, booming drums and ripping guitar riffs. The song continues with distorted guitar with the lead melody weaved in, and comes in at 2:40 with an exhilarating and articulate guitar solo- starting the EP off strong. The second track, ‘Run Wild’ places a spotlight on Dempsey’s groovy bass with a riff that becomes the nucleus of the song. Halfway through, somber vocal harmonies enter which delightfully contrast with Machado’s grungier vocals and create a build up where it brings you back to the beginning of the track, and ends with an instrumental outro. ‘Coming Back to You’ is a softer tune with a brighter guitar tone and haunting harmonies. The lead vocals taste very similar to those of Gerard Arthur Way, which adds to the gloomy vibe of this song. The chord progression and melody is cyclical, bringing even more weight to the ‘back to you’ idea presented in the title and lyrics. And at 3:04 we’re launched into a guitar crying with desperation as the lead vocalist croons, “we keep on coming back for more.” The final track, ‘Backdoor Baby,’ has slow entrances by all instruments, bass, percussion and finally guitar, before hitting you with the finger-flying electric guitar, Bozza’s tight drums, and evocative vocals that is Motherboard. This track is loud, exciting, heavy, and a successful ending to their EP.

LONG STORY SHORT: This Motherboard fuses together three clearly talented musicians, making tunes you can still bang your head to. Rock is not dead.


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