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Who are Jack Flowers and The Petal Tones?: Q+A

The New Jersey indie music scene is brimming with talented musicians. One such group is Jack Flowers and The Petal Tones, an indie rock band with a unique approach to their music. These music students use their creativity to craft fanciful narratives that blend make-believe and reality.

In this Q&A-style conversation, we will explore what inspires their sound and the memorable

moments that define their performances. Jack Flowers and The Petal Tones bring a fresh

perspective to the indie rock scene, and we will delve into how they achieve this. Join us as we discover their immersive world where music is more than just a melody.

Q: How would you describe Jack Flowers and The Petal Tones?

A: Jack Flowers and The Petal Tones are a group of music majors who love to create and practice a kind of live-action role-playing as part of their artistic expression. They seamlessly transition between the natural world and the whimsical realm of their fictional indie rock band.

Image via Instagram

Image via Instagram

Q: Where are you all from, and when did you first start making music?

A: The band members - Jack, Kyle, Tim, Calyx, and Anthony - are from various corners of New Jersey, and they all met at Montclair State University through their shared passion for music. Jack, the creative force behind the band, started writing music during the pandemic. The Petal Tones officially took shape in the winter of 2021, with the addition of members occurring organically over the following years.

Q: Who are some of your artistic influences/inspirations?

A: Jack Flowers and The Petal Tones draw inspiration from diverse artists, including The Strokes, John Cage, Mitski, Do Nothing, Bo Burnham, and Le Tigre, contributing to their distinctive sound and character.

Jack Flowers Live via Factory Record Shop

Jack Flowers Live via Factory Record Shop

Q: How should people remember your sets?

A: The band aims to be remembered as a group"committed to the bit." They create captivating music and immerse their audience in a playful and imaginative experience. For Jack Flowers and The Petal Tones, each performance is a chance to weave a narrative beyond the music.

Q: What is the most memorable gig you've played?

A: Their performance at Wayne for Change, Wayne's first Pride Festival, was a poignant and powerful experience. In addition to showcasing their musical prowess, the band's set played a more profound role in drowning out counter-protesters. The juxtaposition of the upsetting and the empowering left a lasting impact on the band and their audience.

Q: Name a song or project you'd like to highlight and recommend!

A: Jack Flowers and The Petal Tones recently released the music video for "Postcard" on Halloween, which they are thrilled with and encourage everyone to check out on their YouTube channel. They are also recording their first album, Girl Clothes to be unveiled this year. Keep your eyes peeled for this exciting new chapter in their musical journey.

Jack Flowers and The Petal Tones invite you to step into their world. Check them out live, and follow them on social media to see an upcoming show and music announcements. Stay tuned for the enchanting melodies and imaginative tales that await each note from this captivating indie rock ensemble.


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