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A Halloween Treat: Here's the Long Story Short on for moses & Figgo's "Conquering the Night"

LA-based 'for moses' is back with another collaboration through one of her virtual friendships. All the way from Munich, Germany, comes Figgo, a bedroom producer specializing in house music. Drawing inspiration from Figgo's original track, for moses, began writing a story about a "murder-less" vampire. Together the duo created the Halloween-themed track "Conquering the Night."

"Conquering the Night"

Songwriting, Recording: for moses

Mixed, Mastered: Figgo

In the words of Moses: "It was the final week of August when Figgo sent me (Moses) a track where he'd sung a really cool melody in gibberish with some full words sprinkled in. It turns out he had randomly sung the word "Conquering" exactly where it ended up; I really liked the unique feeling of that specific word and felt like it just need something after it... so I added "the Night" and then had to figure out a narrative that suited "Conquering the Night".

There's something slightly eerie about 'conquering' vs. succeeding... so naturally, with Halloween just two months away, the theme of vampires easily arose, which set us on a very rushed timeline to release the song for October. So I added the chorus and bridge melodies and kept running with the lyrical theme of a vampiress who is doing very well to survive on just donations of blood from willing lovers and therefore doesn't have to hurt anybody in the process. So really, there's a cruelty-free Halloween message hidden in there ;)"

In the words of Figgo: "I’m here to make music for everybody, music is the language we all understand and it lets you forget about all your problems and insecurities!"

LONG STORY SHORT: “Conquering the Night” is a perfectly timed electro-pop track with a quirky yet playful storyline. It’s atmospheric, upbeat, and a perfect addition to any spooky season playlist.


Stream "Conquering the Night" below!

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