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Five Fast Facts with dreamingofmars and Layth on their latest collaboration with 10pmsux, "NOT SORRY"

Updated: Jul 15

"NOT SORRY" marks the debut collaboration between innovative artists dreamingofmars, 10pmsux, and Layth. Dreamingofmars, a hyperpop/alt-pop artist hailing from MA/RI, joined forces with the distinctive sounds of 10pmsux and Layth to craft a unique musical experience. The collaboration began during a spontaneous Discord call in May 2024 and resulted in a track that blends elements of rock, hyperpop, and punk. This fusion of genres showcases each artist's unique style while creating a fresh and dynamic sound that stands out.



SJ: Hey guys! We’re so excited to sit and talk about your new single!

DM: It's very cool to be here :). We are super excited.

1. SJ: Your new track "NOT SORRY" is a collaboration between dreamingofmars, Layth, and 10pmsux. How did the three of you meet, and what inspired this collaboration?

dreamingofmars (DM): We met over a discord server (shoutout savecord and savesomeone) and it all started because we failed to make multiple songs with each other like there are many many songs vaulted. The one before I feel like we weren’t feeling so we scraped it and moved to the next one, which turned out to be "NOT SORRY."

2. SJ: What did the songwriting and recording process look like for this track? Were you all in the same room riffing off of ideas, or was it a more of an independent approach?

Layth (LA): I started off the song with the intro verse and told 10pmsux I needed a guitar riff that fucked for the chorus, he wrote that and then we went back and forth choosing how we wanted the song to progress. Mars produced his verse based off some stems I sent him. It all came together relatively quickly and then it was just getting takes everyone was happy with for their verses. DM: Quite literally these two kept me on a call until the takes I had were perfect and shoutout 10 for staying with me as my sanity started to decline. I might still have a few screws loose but honestly, I still love the outcome.



3. SJ: The three of you each usually write in different genres for your own music from rock, hyper pop, and punk. What was the process like trying to blend all of those individual sounds together to create a cohesive piece? What were the biggest challenges, and what did you find the easiest?

LA: Basically it's just throwing shit at the wall and seeing what sticks. The project file was crazy for this song, it was clipping inside the project file and the different sections really shouldn't work together, but hey it sounds good so we rolled with it.

DM: Quite literally I feel like I threw a full wrench into the plan as I added the hyperpoppy, brakence-y part but it has been helped by Layth’s expert transitions and probably sheer luck here and there.

4. SJ: Were there any specific influences for this song–any artists, songs, records, or specific production techniques?

LA: I really enjoy the Better Call Saul soundtrack so that definitely played a role in this. Though I think that's pretty obvious if you listen to the song intently.

DM: I am a big fan of experimental guitar work and sampling which is why the guitar is chopped like I'm Iron Chef Bobby Flay (my humor is so dated I apologize). I’ve been listening to a lot of old 90s rap and the sample chopping from that era greatly influenced the chops on my verse section and to avoid it from becoming boring I just ran pauses and breaks here and there with the drums and vocals. Also shoutout Layth for adding a bit of transitional pieces to make the extremely choppy section sound fluent.



5. SJ: What is one song you wish each of you wrote?

LA: "Gangnam Style," it's one of if not the best song of all time. I don't want to elaborate further because I think it's self-explanatory how it's a perfect song.

DM: "8 now" by food house because that has a fantastic series of silly lyrics that are either super relatable or go too objectively hard for what they are.

SJ:  What’s next for you guys?

LA:  Maybe a lil special k and a drinky poo or two, and we'll see where the night takes us.

DM: Genuinely check out Layths song "DAYTONA" and I am dropping again on July 12th. First single of album four. Genuinely probably my favorite song I have made besides this one. ALSO, 10pm just dropped a track so check that out as well.

"NOT SORRY" photocredit: Layth

"NOT SORRY" Photo Credit: Layth


Listen to "NOT SORRY" below!

dreamingofmars: Instagram

10pmsux: Instagram


10pmsux: Guitar, Production, Vocals, Mastering

Layth: Production, Vocals, Mastering

dreamingofmars: Production, Vocals


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