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Lost Foxes Fine Tune their Latest Hits in "Long Ride (2023 Remastered Version)"

South Carolinian “Lost Foxes” first began releasing music together in 2021 with their debut album, “Welcome to Kiff.”Later they released their LAZY EP, followed by their December 2022 “Long Ride” single. Influenced by the sounds of AJR, Twenty-øne-pilots, and Why Not, Lost Foxes are fixated on crafting their own sound. Together the trio plays guitar, synth, keyboard, and drums and collaborate on their songwriting. To kick off 2023, the band is releasing a remaster EP titled Long Ride (2023 Remastered Version).

Long Ride (2023 Remastered Version)

Written, Performed, Produced: Lost Foxes

Artwork: Inksmything

In the words of Lost Foxes: "One thing that I wanted to write about in this song was dealing with criticism. Whenever someone criticizes me, I tend to brush it off and act like it’s nothing. That method works sometimes but whenever I’m alone with my thoughts is when the criticism hits me. We have to learn to not care what the haters think, no matter how hard that may be. That's why we wrote this EP. To get this message out to the world."

LONG STORY SHORT: Lost Foxes have fine-tuned their hits in their Long Ride (2023 Remastered Version). The EP begins with their minimalist electronic "Long Ride," a track that covers the trio's tight bond. Next up is "LAZY," originally released in 2021, has vocals that surround you while telling a story about tackling criticism, singing, "Yeah, they think my music's lazy/I think that it's kinda crazy/' Cause/they're not gonna change me/Or these beats I'm making daily." The final track is new, titled "Live," with a fuller sound, about the world being your oyster and wanting to live every day to the fullest. Each track achieved a different vibe while showing their audience a window inside what it's like to be an aspiring artist.


Stream Long Ride (2023 Remastered Version) below!


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