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Make Grunge Great Again: Hear No Love Songs Try to Keep it Alive on their New Track, "Anodyne Virus"

“Make Grunge Great Again” is No Love Song’s motto. This outfit began when Brooklyn artist Ryan Bazinet released a bedroom demo album in 2019. Since then, quite a few singles and live recordings have been released; the group is finally ready to release their first full-length self-titled studio album. The last track off the record, “Anodyne Virus,” is a 9:16 collaboration between bandleader Ryan and Caleb Severn. Severn crafted the introduction of the track after being inspired by the band’s first track, “Turn the Lights Out,” the rest of the track is a page taken out of the classic rock bible with more ferocity. The final section features Nara Lee, an artist who began singing in Korean garage bands and trained for two years as a K-pop idol.

Photo Credits: Alexis Ochi

"Anodyne Virus"

Lyrics: Ryan Bazinet

Music: Caleb Severn

Guitar, Bass: Ryan Bazinet

Vocals: Ryan Bazinet and Nara Lee

Cover Art: Anastasiya Dyagel

In the words of Ryan Bazinet: "I wrote about the contrast between my own personal growth and the world shutting down during the pandemic. We never stopped, and the last 2 years have been the greatest of my life - yet."

In the words of Nara Lee: "I met Ryan while interning in a fashion company in Manhattan. I was lucky enough to join this album as a guest vocalist, and at a gig in Brooklyn, and am glad that Anodyne Virus came out so well."

LONG STORY SHORT: LONG STORY SHORT: No Love Song's "Anodyne Virus" is a story about putting yourself as a priority, "And if you save someone begin with you/You can't save anyone/You're drowning." If you're worried about the future of grunge, look no further than No Love Songs.

Photo Credits: Alexis Ochi, Klara Vertes, and Mackenzie Victory Oatman


Stream "Anodyne Virus" below!


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