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Monthly Roundup: What was on repeat this August at The MIC?

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Welcome to The MIC's Monthly Roundup, where you can see what we've had on repeat all month long!



Multi-instrumentalist LO LA is a Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter. Igniting a passion for music at a very young age, LO LA has developed her own musical style with a range of influences from indie-pop, dream-pop, electronica, and more. She often performs throughout the Los Angeles circuit with many different instruments including, the piano, ukulele, guitar, or bass. She is working now on a handful of releases and an upcoming EP striving to be known for her ability to craft emotive storytelling through music. Read more about LO LA here! Listen to LO LA here:


Almost Famous Friends "If You Need Me":

almost famous friends

""If You Need Me” is a story about a quickly lit, and just as quickly diffused, love interest that went from heaven to hell in 24 hours or less (or your money back guaranteed.) The song was born in a way I imagine most great rock songs are, alone on the porch with nothing but a guitar, a smoke, and a head full of confusion and regrets to ponder."

-Almost Famous Friends

Read more about Almost Famous Friends here. Watch Almost Famous Friends' On the MIC episode here!


Separatr "Deadstock":

Separtar 'Queen Ace'

Separatr's "Deadstock" is a prime example of the pair tackling the loud-quiet-loud Pixies formula. "Deadstock" carries the weight of a powerful message, wrapped up as an angsty anthem. You'll identify with it and wish you were in a rowdy basement bar singing along.

Read more about "Deadstock" here.

Stream Separatr's "Deadstock" here:


Jai Winter "SNOWFALL":

Jai Winter "SNOWFALL"

Jai Winter's "SNOWFALL" is a very concise track clocking in at only 1:49. You can hear the Kendrick Lamar influences in his vocal timbre, melodic bars, and flow. He recounts his childhood while rapping, "Momma didn't know it/ but she had us in them, projects/ growing up, my environment/been on that survival shit/youngin' dying next to me, filiated on rival shit." "SNOWFALL" takes a step back in time with Jai Winter while he grapples with the world he came from.

Read more about "SNOWFALL" here!

Listen to Jai Winter's "SNOWFALL" here:


Tyler Childers & Elle King:

Tyler Childers The MIC

Tyler Childers' August 3rd show at Radio City was a sacred experience. The Food Stamps brought Childers' gospel tracks to life with their bluesy energy and infectious foot-stomping rhythms, while Childers showcased his robust vocals with animation and twang.

Read more of our review here.

Watch "In Your Love" below:


Barbara "Sneaking around":

Barbara OTM

"Sneaking around is exactly what it suggests :) It’s inspired by my curious and adventurous youth when I and this guy would sneak out. I remember always knowing it was time to head home just about when the street lights turned on and that feeling of the thrill of not knowing if we’d get caught was so exhilarating.with everyone!" -Barbara

Read more about Barbara here.

Watch Barbara's On the MIC episode here!


Edie Yvonne "On Your Mind":

"On Your Mind" Edie Yvonne

Edie Yvonne's "On Your Mind" is a short and sweet indie folk-rock track with classic Miley Cyrus vibes.

Read our Five Fast Facts here.

Stream Edie Yvonne's "On Your Mind" here:


Sucker Punch"Worst Case Ontario"

Sucker Punch "Worst Case Ontario"

Sucker Punch's "Worst Case Ontario" tastes similar to Sum 41's "Walking Disaster." Complete with strong rhythm guitars, hard-hitting drums, and the perfect blend of melodic and harsher vocals. The lyrics outline an electrifying relationship, "I'm dying to feel your body lying next to mine," with foreshadowing that it may not be as blissful as it once seemed singing, "...I'm wrapped around your fingertips/ last breath before you kill me from the inside." The music video, directed by Eric DiCarlo is a hilariously entertaining depiction of this energy as lead singer, Chris Steele, slowly transforms into a violent monster after drinking a mysterious beer. Sucker Punch's "Worst Case Ontario" is a track made for headbanging. And, an immediate pop-punk playlist add.

Read more about "Worst Case Ontario" here

Stream "Worst Case Ontario" here:


Songbird "Stubborn":

Songbird OTM

"Stubborn is such a special song to me. The song talks about how so many relationships around us have failed and it scared me. But our love is so strong and we’re too stubborn to let go! It just shows that relationships can work and it’s ok to love the way you want to! Now I’m engaged and more in love than ever! Just because other relationships may not work out, doesn’t mean yours won’t." - Songbird

Read more about Songbird here.

Watch Songbird's On the MIC episode here!


Pete's Diary "Girl In A Magazine":

Peter Dankelson The MIC FFF

Peter Dankelson is known for his inspirational story and for shredding guitar. Growing up with Goldenhar Syndrome, living with a facial difference and hearing loss was not an easy feat for Peter to overcome. Still, Peter found confidence in playing the guitar and has become a motivational speaker, author, online personality, and recording artist. Peter has played with many guitar legends like Joe Bonamassa, Orianthi, Tyler Bryant, and Jared James Nichols and was featured in the May issue of Guitar World. In 2021 Peter founded his band, Pete's Diary, a rock trio based in Chicago. Their debut EP, All Screwed Up, was just released in July '23, with their first full-length album, produced by Keith Nelson, set to release in 2024. This week, Stef sat down with Peter to talk about starting a band and one of his new tracks, "Girl In A Magazine."

Read our Five Fast Facts here!

Listen to "Girl In A Magazine" here:


Sean Kelly and The Samples:

Sean Kelly The Samples-The MIC

Sean Kelly was nonchalant, youthful, and witty, speaking to the crowd between tracks in his bleach-stained t-shirt, worn inside out. His vocals remain timeless, strong with great intonation, whether rocking a Samples classic or strumming to an acoustic tune. Together, The Samples rocked for an intimate, unforgettable night. Read the rest of the review here!

Check out Stef's Interview with Sean Kelly of The Samples for the Sparta Independent here

Watch The Samples here!


Bob Nicholson:

Bob Nicholson

Bob Nicholson caught the bug, like many of his time, from watching Elvis on the Ed Sullivan Show. Growing up, sports were never something Bob was good at, but with music, he felt comfort. He was influenced by many of the great bands of the '50s and says that music still has a profound connection with him today. Many years later from his first guitar strum, Nicholson is still playing his favorite tunes by The Beatles and Bob Dylan. His favorite places to play are restaurants and wineries where he can play an intimate set for a smaller crowd. Bob explains that he knows he hasn't attained wild success but, “It’s what I do and what I enjoy to do,” he said. “Some people have hobbies, bowling, darts, or organizations and that’s what works for them, and this works for me. "It’s more than a hobby. It’s a passion. We [smaller musicians] do the same things as the big guys do, we’re just not recognized. Same work, same effort, same model but on a smaller, more local scale." Stef sat down with Bob to learn a little more about his musical journey for The MIC's Five Fast Facts.

Read our Five Fast Facts here!




"DON'T TALK TO ME" is upbeat, catchy, and well-produced. ACTHEKiDFROMSPACE carries more melodic lines while Rhaffy enters in with a driving infectious rhythmic energy. ACTHEKiDFROMSPACE and Rhaffy have synergy.

Read more about "DON'T TALK TO ME" here.

Listen to "DON'T TALK TO ME" here!


Clejan On My Way:

Clejan 'On My Way'

Clejan's On My Way breathes fresh air into the hip-hop and rap genre. Typically known to have more electronic sounds with little to no live instrumentation, Clejan creates a new reenergized direction. He includes both melodic tracks like "A Little Warmer (evryday)" and harder-hitting bars like "Run It Up," creating a record that speaks to where Zac grew up, and also the mastery of the instrument he has studied. These twelve tracks in On My Way, featuring artists like Scienze, A.Rob, and Friends Of, traverse an unchartered path in this genre, and you'll want to be along for the ride.

Read about On My Way here!

Stream On My Way here:


Late 9, Patient Sixty-Seven "Breathe For Me":

Late 9, Patient Sixty-Seven "Breathe For Me"

"Breathe For Me" starts with a vibrating guitar riff walking us into the blistering energy of Patient Sixty-Seven's Tom Kiely. His throaty screams juxtapose the melodic verses of Late 9's Kyle Farrar as he sings, "For so long/You've been hanging onto me/Feels so wrong/Can't fight the hurt of waking up without you." The interplay between the instrument textures and vocal timbres, particularly showcased in the call-and-response style verses, paints a captivating sonic tapestry of vigorous ferocity. With tight drums, driving rhythms, and assertive riffs, Late 9 and Patient Sixty-Seven's "Breathe For Me" is a well-produced, high-voltage track that will have you reliving the '10's all over again.

Read more about "Breathe For Me" here.

Stream "Breathe For Me" here:


your friend juniper "Laredo":

your friend juniper OTM

"I chose "Laredo" to go back to my roots a bit. It is one of the first songs I ever wrote back in 2015 when I was first starting as a student at Berklee. I sat down with my microphones set up and my camera rolling and just really desired to play that song and bring it back to life. It is unreleased and I honestly haven’t played it in years. It felt like a special song to do for On The Mic. Laredo is about my dad, Ruben E. Ochoa. He passed away when I was 18. This song is a memory piece about his hometown, Laredo, Texas. It is where he grew as a person in the most porous time. Performing it makes me think of him and brings back a lot of beautiful memories." - your friend juniper

Read more about your friend juniper here.

Watch your friend juniper's On the MIC episode here!


BreakTime Specials:

BreakTime 'Specials'

BreakTime's Specials exudes the essence of '50s rock and roll, channeling a vintage vibe that resonates with The Beatles' early blueprint. The band transports listeners back in time, from their dapper suits to the trebly guitar tone. The album is a spirited revitalization of nostalgia, featuring folk-inspired tracks like "Dandelion," high-energy tunes such as "You Don't See Me," and the surf-infused instrumental "Octane." Specials is a timeless take on a classic genre. Playing this record will transport you to a nineteen-fifties Friday night, hopping into your Thunderbird to take on the school dance.

Read more about Specials here!

Listen to Specials here:


Other Fun Things The MIC Did In August:

Guitar Picks

The MIC Guitar Picks

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YouTube #Shorts

Sean Kelly and The Samples live at Krogh's, Sparta 8/18/2023:

Elle King - Good Thing Gone at Radio City Music Hall NYC, 8/3/2023

Elle King opened for Tyler Childers 'Send In The Hounds' Tour singing new country hits and old favorites like "Good Thing Gone"

Elle King - Ex's and Oh's Live at Radio City Music Hall NYC, 8/3/2023

Elle King opened for Tyler Childers 'Send In The Hounds' Tour singing new country hits and old pop favorites like "Ex's and Oh's"

Elle King - Ex's and Oh's Full Video, Radio City Music Hall NYC, 8/3/2023

Elle King opened for Tyler Childers 'Send In The Hounds' Tour singing new country hits and old pop favorites like "Ex's and Oh's"

Thanks for seeing what we've been up to and listening to in August; stay tuned for September!


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