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Monthly Roundup: What was on repeat this March at The MIC?

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Welcome to The MIC's Monthly Roundup, where you can see what we've had on repeat all month long!


This month, The MIC featured Karla Torres also known as, Skeletosphere as our March Musician of the Month! Mexican American Karla Torres or Skeletosphere, is a 21-year-old singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. She's been influenced by many genres, from grunge to shoegaze and classic rock and revers artists like Hole, Veruca Salt, Mazzy Starr, and Debbie Harry. Skeletosphere plans to place rock and roll into the hands of more queer artists while she expresses herself through vulnerable, gritty lyricism with an energetic sound. Read more about Karla Torres here! Listen to Skeletosphere's latest single "Mean" here:


Heather Cook:

NJ native Heather Cook is a singer-songwriter who jsut released her debut full-length album Quick! No One's Looking on Weird Sister Records. Her album is described as "an emotional retrospective on the moments you replay in your head when you can't sleep: a missed opportunity, the smile of someone you miss, a silent drive with your best friend." She came On The MIC this month as the season finale to the second season of our YouTube Series, to perform her track "Waking Up"! Cook explains this track as, "written during a time when I thought I could cure my own heartbreak by taking a trip to the west coast. I was very convinced that waking up in a new city where nobody knows me could make my problems disappear, but as I mentioned in the lyrics, if time doesn't fix it, neither will distance." Read more about Heather Cook here! Watch Heather Cook On The MIC:


John Mayer:

On Saturday March 11th, kicking off his 2023 Solo Tour in Newark, NJ, John Mayer proved he is just like a ripe avocado; in his prime. The MIC had the opportunity to be among the first to see this incredible show, launching a new chapter for Mayer. John Mayer captivated the crowd all by himself, from his witty anecdotes to dipping into nostalgia and performing with more emotion than ever before. New music feels closer than ever as he returns to the sounds of his roots on this tour. This is also his first-ever solo acoustic run and his first not signed to a label, proving to be his most authentic concert yet. If you're a die-hard John Mayer fan or a music aficionado, you'll leave this tour satisfied. Read The MIC's full show review here. Watch Clips from the Show on our YouTube Channel:


Kevin Silvester & JVCQUI:

"Be The One" might be the song of the summer! Classically trained pianist and cellist Kevin Silvester and classically trained vocalist JVCQUI from the land down under come together to create an infectious dream-pop dance track. The release is paired with a music video directed by Lindsay Davies and Josh Fahmi that perfectly executes the track's story. Through the video, you watch a couple go through the tumultuous turmoil of a toxic relationship, all while you're singing along to the chorus, "Is it selfish of me if I just wanna be the one." Ironically, this is a very upbeat track for a song about a destructive relationship. Kevin Silvester and JVCQUI make a captivating duo. "Read more about the Kevin Silvester and JVCQUI here!

Watch "Be The One":


Lost Foxes:

Lost Foxes have fine-tuned their hits in their Long Ride (2023 Remastered Version). The EP begins with their minimalist electronic "Long Ride," a track that covers the trio's tight bond. Next up is "LAZY," originally released in 2021, has vocals that surround you while telling a story about tackling criticism, singing, "Yeah, they think my music's lazy/I think that it's kinda crazy/' Cause/they're not gonna change me/Or these beats I'm making daily." The final track is new, titled "Live," with a fuller sound, about the world being your oyster and wanting to live every day to the fullest. Each track achieved a different vibe while showing their audience a window inside what it's like to be an aspiring artist. Read more about Lost Foxes here! Listen to Long Ride (2023 Remastered Version) here:


Gabe Chiarello:

Coping with the weight of grief, Chiarello turns to songwriting to express his emotions. Gabe Chiarello, a New Jersey singer-songwriter, released his second full-length album, Selections from the Prayer Lair." Stef from The MIC sits down and asks Gabe Five Fast Fasts about his latest project and writing process. Selections from the Prayer Lair will be available on 12" vinyl, and the first $1000 of sales will go to Daniel's Music Foundation. Read the full interview with Gabe Chiarello here!

Listen to Selections from the Prayer Lair here:


Charles Grace:

Southern Californian singer-songwriter Charles Grace used his foundation in his classical guitar studies to write his own music. He wrote four full-length albums and toured with his former band Sleeping Policeman, and even has a sponsorship with Breedlove Guitars. Stef from The MIC sits down and asks Five Fast Fasts about his latest solo project and what's next for Charles Grace. Read the full interview with Charles Grace here!

Listen to "Thousand Times":


The Quivering Palm:

Perpetual Motion Vol.1 covers an incredible array of genres for only being a six-track EP. From progressive rock to heavier grunge metal, this record has it all. The third track, “In the Zone,” takes it down a notch and serves as an excellent middle track and palette cleanser, as a softer lyric-less “Wish You Were Here.” “Perpetual Motion” sounds like what the album art looks like. Lastly, “Number One Hit,” the final track, caps off the record with a nice indie classic rock bow. The entire record is one grand Rube Goldberg Machine, with one genre swinging or falling into the next. If you’re looking for an indie EP with a lot of variety, Perpetual Motion Vol.1 is for you. And stay tuned for the next three installments of the record!Read more about Perpetual Motion Vol.1 here! Listen to Perpetual Motion Vol.1 here:


Other Fun Things The MIC Did In April:

SOS Festival!

Right at the end of Women’s History Month, The Sirens of Song Festival was a timely festival celebrating female musicians for the 25th Anniversary of Lilith. The Sirens of Song Festival honored the same spirit and traditions of the original Lilith Fair! It was an all-day event featuring a diverse and talented lineup of female musicians. The performances included both originals of the emerging female artists performing and covers of the most popular Lilith-era songs.

Read the full article here!


YouTube Shorts!

John Mayer - Piano Loop Guitar Solo "Changing" Outro Newark NJ, 3/11/2023:

John Mayer loops his baby grand piano while shredding his Silver Sky PRS on top for his outro of "Changing."

[Full Video] John Mayer - Piano Loop Guitar Solo "Changing" Outro Newark NJ, 3/11/2023:

John Mayer loops his baby grand piano while shredding his Silver Sky PRS on top for his outro of "Changing."

John Mayer - Solo Tour "Driftin'" NEW SONG Newark, NJ 3/11/23:

John Mayer played his new track "Driftin'" for the FIRST time ever on his first show of his solo tour in Newark, NJ!

Music HerStory: Women and Music of Social Change #Shorts

To celebrate Women's History Month, The MIC visited Washington DC to visit the new Music HerStory: Women and Music of Social Change exhibit in the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. The exhibit was a fantastic walk down memory lane highlighting many pioneers like Dolly Parton and Sylvia Robinson. It also featured many important artifacts, from sheet music to the very first magazine specifically targeting female musicians founded by Carla DeSantis Black.

Thanks for seeing what we've been up to and listening to in March; stay tuned for April!


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