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On The MIC with Brenda Carsey performing "I'm Sorry"

This week we're excited to introduce Brenda Carsey to The MIC performing the third single off of her upcoming record, "I'm Sorry."

Why Brenda Carsey Rocks

  • singer, songwriter, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist from LA

  • has been studying music since she was 5!

  • has a new album coming out titled "Cognizance"

  • has performed on MANY iconic stages including The Teragram Ballroom, The Hotel Cafe, The Bootleg Theater, The Moroccan Lounge, The Satellite, Harvard & Stone & more

  • Sponsored by Dexibell & Sennheiser

  • has been featured as an instrumentalist and vocalist on many projects in partnership with Netflix (Babysitter’s Club, Better Call Saul, Tiger King The Musical), The Voice, Joy Ride (award winning short film), Rapture (Versa Media show) !!!

About "I'm Sorry"

""I'm Sorry" is the third single off of Brenda Carsey's upcoming full-length studio album "Cognizance." The song is a guitar-layered Alternative Soul ballad, which could lean into a Shoegaze or even an Americana music lane, all lead by Carsey's trademark raw, soulful vocals. The song tells a story of self-reflection, of learning how to admit when you've done wrong, and of striving to be an ever-changing and better version of yourself for both the people around you and for yourself." -Brenda Carsey

Check out Brenda Carsey's performance "On The MIC" below!


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