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Sounds On The Couch Release Compilation Album Sequel: Independent Discovery, Vol. 2

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Emerging during the Covid-19 pandemic and formed by Karen Harding, Sounds On the Couch has evolved into a thriving community, offering an online magazine, curated playlists, and a YouTube channel to connect artists with audiences. The platform just released Independent Discovery, Vol. 2 on September 8, 2023, a compilation album showcasing a diverse range of independent artists from around the world. The sequel album features an exceptional lineup, including artists like Sophia Petro, Jorja B, Timothy Wolf, and more, promising a sonic journey through various genres that reflects the global music community's diversity. Independent Discovery, Vol. 2 stands as a testament to Sounds On The Couch's commitment to promoting independent artistry on a global scale.

Jason Justly

Featured Artist: Jason Justly

Independent Discovery, Vol. 2 Featured Artists:

Sophia Petro

Jorja B

Timothy Wolf

Kaiyah Mercedes

Elizabeth Winterbourne


Jason Justly

Leela Misel

Tillerman Pete


From Sounds on The Couch's Karen Harding: Listeners can expect a sonic journey that traverses various genres, reflecting the diverse voices that make up the global music community. From the infectious rhythms of pop to the introspective melodies of singer-songwriters, and the electrifying energy of rock, 'Independent Discovery Vol. 2' captures the essence of independent artistry from Australia, where Sounds On The Couch is headquartered, and from every corner of the world.

Independent Discovery, Vol.2

LONG STORY SHORT: Sounds On The Couch's Independent Discovery Vol. 2 is a diverse and exciting musical journey, from the fun and catchy pop tunes of Sophia Petro and Jorja B to the introspective folk ballad "I'll Be There" by Timothy Wolf. The album explores indie jams with Kaiyah Mercedes, delves into synth-wave tracks like Danil's "These Thoughts," and showcases powerful, soul-filled vocals on Leela Misel's rock track "Switch." It also rocks out with Tillerman Pete's "Who Told Me" and Flint.'s "Stop." This compilation album is a global palette of empowered independent artists, offering a dynamic range of genres and strong performances in a playlist-style album. Press play and discover the world of independent music.

Sophia Petro

Featured Artist: Sophia Petro


Stream Independent Discovery (Vol. 2) below!


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