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Strings and Streets Collide: Clejan, The Trap Violinist, Launches new rap album 'On My Way'

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Emerging from Atlanta, Zac Clejan defies musical norms as a songwriter, rapper, and violinist who embarked on his musical journey at the incredibly young age of 2. His upbringing entailed a blend of classical training, mentored by the second chair of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, and the vibrant energy of Atlanta's burgeoning Hip Hop scene. This unique blend laid the foundation for Clejan to weave violin melodies into rap compositions, a distinctive style he began sharing with the world early on. Despite pursuing a business education and delving into marketing, Zac Clejan, known as 'The Trap Violinist,' has astoundingly accumulated millions of music streams and amassed an impressive following of over 800,000, showcasing his remarkable talent and genre-blurring creativity.


On My Way

Album Credits: Clejan

In the words of Clejan: "This album is about the journey. It’s about hard work, patience, and enjoying the present along the way. I hope it motivates and inspires people like it does me to keep going after everything they want with no holds barred."

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LONG STORY SHORT: Clejan's On My Way breathes fresh air into the hip-hop and rap genre. Typically known to have more electronic sounds with little to no live instrumentation, Clejan creates a new reenergized direction. He includes both melodic tracks like "A Little Warmer (evryday)" and harder-hitting bars like "Run It Up," creating a record that speaks to where Zac grew up, and also the mastery of the instrument he has studied. These twelve tracks in On My Way, featuring artists like Scienze, A.Rob, and Friends Of, traverse an unchartered path in this genre, and you'll want to be along for the ride.

Clejan's First Music Video


Stream On My Way below!


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