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The MIC's 'Blackberry Jams: Reimagined' International Women's Day 2022

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Welcome to Blackberry Jams Reimagined. The original Blackberry Jams was the second playlist of The MIC's "Jarred Jams" series, and today we've updated and reimagined the playlist for International Women's Day 2022!

The title of each 'jarred jams' is a playlist based on a specific fruit-flavored profile; blackberry being sweet, slightly tart, robust, and earthy. That is precisely how you can describe these tunes: a playlist of influential female powerhouses from Madonna to Beyoncé, with tracks that will make you want to belt alongside them.

LONG STORY SHORT: Turn this playlist up to volume 10. Happy International Women's Day!


Stream Blackberry Jams Reimagined below!


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