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The MIC's Year Roundup: 2023 Wrapped

This year has been the biggest year yet for The MIC! We interviewed more artists, featured more songs, and shared more On The MIC episodes than ever before. Let's check out all The MIC's 2023 stats in The MIC's yearly wrapped roundup!

2023 top MIC posts

Some of our most popular posts this year were:

2023 MIC top Countries

We've continued to place a spotlight on international independent and emerging artists! This year in addition to the US, our biggest fans were found in Canada, Australia, Moldova, and Russia!

On The MIC 2023

2023 The MIC Wrapped

Our On The MIC YouTube series continued to highlight artists with exclusive live performances only found on The MIC's YouTube channel covering 25 episodes, 2 seasons, 5 *holiday* episodes, and overall 72 talented musicians!

Overall, The MIC had an incredible 2023!

Featuring 258 artists with 23 interviews, 11 Musicians of the Month, 11 Live! Event reviews, 58 music features, 10 Monthly Issues, 11 Blog articles, with an overall 163 TOTAL posts! That's 65 more than last year!

We're excited to continue to place a spotlight on independent and emerging artists in the next year. Stay tuned for a very exciting launch on January 1st, 2024!


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