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The Only Thanksgiving Fixin' You'll Need: The MIC's Cranberry Sauce-y Jams Playlist

The first and most delicious in the holiday trifecta has arrived, Thanksgiving, and The MIC is giving you another reason to be thankful; a new Jarred Jams Playlist! The third in this tasty series is The MIC’s Cranberry Sauce-y Jams. Similar to the thanksgiving staple this playlist is perfectly sweet, and exquisitely jazzy. Ranging from classics like Frank Sinatra and Glenn Miller to modern maestros like Michael Bublé and Leon Bridges, this playlist will create the perfect ambiance for any dazzling dinner. We can almost guarantee that this cranberry sauce-y is going to be better than the can.

This playlist is dedicated to my Gram, someone I am endlessly thankful for. This playlist would have been music to her ears.


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