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Video Gamer's Anthem: If Walls Could Talk's "Fs in Chat"

My favorite phrase is finally an indie-pop band. If Walls Could Talk is a band of buddies from the metro-Detroit area made up of members Nick DiStefano on guitar, Steven Fronrath on keys, and Tony Burke singing vocals. Influenced by the upbeat energy of AJR, Panic! At The Disco, Jon Bellion writes music rooted in their real-life struggles and experiences. Formed in 2013, the band explains that their name stemmed "from the idea that in a sense they relate to metaphorical walls, not because of what they do, but because of what they cannot do: speak. We have voices, but through music, the band is able to do so by telling stories in ways that are meaningful enough to convey how they feel."

If Walls Could Talk are back with the first single, "Fs in Chat," from their long-awaited third studio album. The track tells a story from the perspective of a self-deprecating gamer with lyrics like, "When I'm getting paid to fail, it never stops feeling like a game/‘Cause I know I'm a loser" and "Maybe this time isn't gonna be better/, And maybe that's alright that I'm not a go-getter." The music video is also a creative combination of real-life gamers, gaming, and an arcade performance! "Fs in Chat" pairs an anthemic chorus with engaging sound effects to create a track that captivates and holds the listener's interest. In the words of If Walls Could Talk, "Fs in Chat" uses "the perspective of video games and streamers, Fs in Chat is about others rooting for you to fail, and ultimately being okay with it."

LONG STORY SHORT: "Fs in Chat" is a summer playlist add for sure. With near-identical horns from Panic! At The Disco's "High Hopes" and the same dynamic energy, you'll be taking a stroll down memory lane while you're scream-singing the lyrics.


Stream "Fs in Chat" below!


Composition, Production: Tony Burke, Nick DiStefano, Steve Fronrath

Mix and Master: Mike Martenson

Video Credits:

Director: Tony Burke

Animations: Tony Burke

Streamers by Scene:

Mario (SMB) - Brett Erlich (TYT)

Tetris (GBC) - Huy Ho

Music (DJ) - Phil Sciriha (@Vanguard x27)

Music (Singer) - Adiana Vega (@adiana_vega(

Zelda (LTTP) - @vo1d_pr1nc3

Mario (SM64) - @eleesuh

Pokemon (FireRed) - Nick Thomas (@Juggle_Boy)

Dig Dug - Jim Kennedy (@Jimmycat)

Frogger - @Freyathefreak

Ms. Pac-Man - Patrick Nicholas (@Sh1ft)

Dive Scene - Jordan Uhl (@really_chill_guy)

Dive Scene - Jenaya Mack (@salty_avacado_queen)

Dive Scene - Hannah Oyler (@avocatz)

Dive Scene - Mary Fronrath


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