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How Do 'The Break Plans' Arrive to a Party? "Fashionably Late," Of Course.

Though guitarist Mikey Strawz was about to throw in the musical towel in March of 2019, one last Craigslist search brought him to find the voice (literally) of what would ultimately become 'The Break Plans,' in Colton Braun. Shortly after, the pair found Dan Carr to keep the beat and Chris Reck on bass most recently.

With eight singles already released, the band took a brief hiatus creating and crafting their sound with their new producer, Rob Chiarappa. Now, back and stronger than ever, The Break Plans are releasing the first of many tracks this year, "Fashionably Late." Before you press play, you're greeted with the whimsical album art featuring a clock with the time reading, "IDAF" o'clock. From there, you know the song will, in fact, rock. Just three seconds in, you're met with Braun's dynamic vocals, launching you into this indie pop-rock gem. The track is catchy and upbeat while delivering lines like, "I dance to my own beat, it's the only thing I believe in/ I made my own playlist 'cause the trends are full of shit," sharing a narrative about going against the grain, but still being comfortable in your own skin. The Break Plans believe this track will resonate with so many songwriters because "we lived this feeling of being late bloomers… it's okay to be who you are AND say who you are."

LONG STORY SHORT: This track is a song about a phrase many of us (me) live by. It's relatable. It's danceable. It's catchy. It's a track you can listen to while getting ready for a night where you do plan to be, ~ fashionably late.


Stream "Fashionably Late" below!


Guitar - Mikey Strawz

Vocals - Colton Braun

Drums - Dan Carr

Bass - Chris Reck

Production - Rob Chiarappa


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