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We're Falling for Loucas Bretz's "Autumn Leaves"

Loucas Bretz hails all the way from Luxembourg, Europe. He's okay with imperfections; in fact, he embraces them in his recordings. Bretz is a minimalist and creates scenery of instrumental music with expressive guitar melodies layered with groovy bass and drum beats. He also self-produces all of his work, prioritizing song quality over production.

Bretz crafted "Autumn Leaves" while being inspired by "Murders" from Red Hot Chili Pepper's guitarist John Frusciante's 2001 solo record, "To Record Only Water For Ten Days." He describes writing the track as a "falling down-getting up motivation, the death within fall and rebirth of spring kind-of-way, a symbol for an exciting debut in music after years of self-doubt." While the track starts with a groovy beat, at 0:20, we're already launched into Bretz's wailing guitar melodies. Although "Autumn Leaves" is crafted without lyrics, you are never felt like any pieces are missing. Bretz's song structure and usage of musical motifs allow the listener to follow along easily.

LONG STORY SHORT: This 2:26 track is a short but jammy rock-forward track. Loucas Bretz's talent and ability to capture and keep attention just by his guitar is showcased in "Autumn Leaves." You might just ~fall~ for this one.


Stream "Autumn Leaves" below!


Songwriting, Production, Performance: Loucas Bretz


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