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Your Prayers Have Been Answered, Church Girls Released a New Single, “Telepathic Mind”

Much to my surprise, Church Girls are not a group of girls from bible study; they're actually an indie punk band from Philadelphia, PA. Formed initially as a solo project of guitar and vocalist Mariel Beaumont in 2014, Church Girls quickly morphed into a full-fledged band. Though the lineup has been through a few iterations, the current four include Beaumont, Mitchell Layton on vocals and guitar, Vince Vullo on bass, and Julien Varnier on drums. Together Church Girls are currently rocking out on an EU/UK tour and just released their latest single, "Telepathic Mind."

Photo by: Anthony DiCaro

At the peak of the current pop-punk revival, Church Girls seem to nail this release with perfect timing. "Telepathic Mind" does not disappoint, starting with grungy guitars and punchy drums before laying into the infectious chorus (I've already got stuck in my head). While the lyrics carry a vibe of introspective gloom, the energy is upbeat and dynamic. Beaumont's vocals are equal parts smooth and edgy as she sings, "Been dead for days/With a blood fueled body in place/And I know I'm the one to blame for what we're stuck in/When you've gone through every motion you should know how to ride the lows in/Ripples fade away to glide off somewhere."

LONG STORY SHORT: Church Girls come together to create angst, vulnerability, and optimism. "Telepathic Mind" is all the energy we love from alternative rock with the catchy hooks of pop. A track you'll be scream-singing on your next road trip.


Stream "Telepathic Mind" below!


Written by - Mariel Beaumont and Mitchell Layton.

Guitar & Vocals - Mariel Beaumont

Guitar & Vocals - Mitchell Layton

Drums - Julien Varnier

Bass - Vince Vullo

Produced, Engineered, Mixed - John Pfiffner

Mastered - Adam Cichocki at Timber Studios

Recorded at - SeventyFiveSound in Winston-Salem, NC.

Album Artwork - Mario Lechuga


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