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Your Summer Staple: The MIC's Summer Sizzle Playlist

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Happy 1st day of Summer! The hottest season deserves the hottest playlist, and The MIC's Summer Sizzle is on fire. With everything you need from recent indie favorites, to the newest of releases, The MIC created a playlist that will update weekly to add all the indie songs that spark your summer. Find your vibe on The MIC's Summer Sizzle.


  1. "Our Good Name" - Tyler John

  2. "John Gotti (All I Want)" - Green Knuckle Material

  3. "Sweet Nothings" - Twisted Oak, Trance, Logan, Callen

  4. "How Could I Have Known" - Kate Dressed Up

  5. "Zero Hour" - James Wisowaty

  6. "Believe in Love" - Starcoast

  7. "It's Dynamite" - Johnny Dynamite and the Bloodsuckers

  8. "War Crimes in E Minor (DROWN)" - MilkMan

  9. "Forgotten" - Rory D'Lasnow

  10. "Roaring Twenties (Live)" - Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son

  11. "Tongue Tied" - Inno¢ent

  12. "Let Me Out (21st Century)" - scxtty

  13. "PTSD" - Twisted Oak, 9Livez.

  14. "You With Me" - the dt's

  15. "It's Love" - Blind Eyez

  16. "Read on You (Companion)" - Connor Bracken and the Mother Leeds Band

  17. "Baseball Bat" - Whiner

  18. "The Wolves" - Paul Machado

  19. "Today (By Any Other Name)" - James Wisowaty

  20. "Tired of the Lies" - Green Knuckle Material

  21. "Should Have Called You Up (Last Night)" - Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son

  22. "Go That Way" - Green Knuckle Material

  23. "Varicose Veins" - Whiner

  24. "Liquorstore" - Connor Bracken and the Mother Leeds Band

  25. "Up In Smoke" - Southpaw

  26. "Drugged" - Johnny Dynamite and the Bloodsuckers

  27. "The Way You Left Me" - Blind Eyez

  28. "One More Time" - Paul Machado

  29. "Rabbit Hole" - Dani Zanoni

  30. "Bedford Oak" - Zach Russack

  31. "Darling, Darling" - Twelve A.M. Flowers

  32. "Palooza" - Los Vincis

Contact to have your song considered for addition.


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