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Melbourne Classically Trained Duo Create "Be The One," an Infectious Dream-Pop Dance Track

Two classically trained musicians from the land down under come together to create an infectious dream-pop dance track.

Classically trained pianist and cellist Kevin Silvester began playing and creating at a very young age, even starting to produce at age 13. In 2019, he officially released his first tracks and hasn’t stopped since. Silvester has already released three singles for his long-awaited debut album, “Sleepwalker,” which has amassed over 4 million streams! For his fourth and latest single of the project, Silvester teams up with fellow Melbourne, Australia native JVCQUI.

JVCQUI is also classically trained in voice and has been practicing musical theater since she was 15. Two years later, she began writing her own music, influenced by R&B and neo-soul, admiring artists like Emma Volard and Erykah Badu, which helped shape her vocal style.

Photo Credit: Josh Fahmi

Together, this fiery duo created "Be The One," an upbeat jam about infidelity. The track starts slow, highlighting the tender tones of JVCQUI, as she sets the scene singing, "Window sills are filled with flies/Time has stopped and I don't why/Memories are frozen in my mind/The scent of guilt still lingers on." But the track quickly builds up through the pre-chorus to the hard-hitting and snappy chorus. With the pounding bass, you might mistake this track for a Bebe Rexha track and want to be in the club, stat.

Silvester enters in the post-chorus giving a new texture to the song, responding to JVCQUI's verses. The release is paired with a music video directed by Lindsay Davies and Josh Fahmi that perfectly executes the track's story. Through the video, you watch a couple go through the tumultuous turmoil of a toxic relationship, all while you're singing along to the chorus, "Is it selfish of me if I just wanna be the one."

Photo Credit: Josh Fahmi

LONG STORY SHORT: Ironically, this is a very upbeat track for a song about a destructive relationship. Kevin Silvester and JVCQUI make a captivating duo. “Be The One” might be, the song of the summer!


Stream "Be The One" below!

Kevin Silvester: Facebook | Instagram | Website | YouTube | Soundcloud JVCQUI: Instagram


Songwriter: Kevin Silvester, JVCQUI, Seetali Mack, Jake Pascua Producer: Kevin Silvester


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