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The November 2023 Issue

Welcome to The MIC's Monthly Issue, where you can see what we've had on repeat all month long!

planet zuz:

planet zuz MMOTM

Planet Zuz, a rising musical luminary, emerges from a diverse and artistic upbringing that laid the foundation for their entrancing musical journey. With roots in musical theater, acting, and a devout engagement in the choir within the backdrop of a Catholic school, Planet Zuz's formative years were a harmonious blend of artistic experiences. From a young age, their innate singing talent was evident, often revealed through spontaneous performances and dulcet tones humming in the background. High school marked the onset of their musical experimentation, as they began crafting their own compositions using GarageBand loops. Seizing every opportunity to perform, both within school and at external venues, Planet Zuz embarked on a path of self-discovery through music. Today, they stand at the precipice of a new era, fervently embracing the challenge of creating their own distinctive and authentic sound, navigating the intricate landscape of music composition. Read more about planet zuz here.

Listen to planet zuz here:


Saving Vice "Blood or Wine?":

 Saving Vice's latest single, "Blood or Wine?" thrusts listeners into a realm of dark intrigue

Saving Vice "Blood or Wine?"

and relentless intensity. Beginning with a spine-chilling evil laugh, the track establishes its tone with tightly executed drums that act as a driving force. The vocals take center stage, oscillating between a foreboding, ominous voice and the throaty screams of the lead singer. With an infectious and catchy chorus, "Blood or Wine?" continues to showcase Saving Vice's ability to captivate their audience with their unrelenting energy and thought-provoking themes.

Read more about Saving Vices's "Blood or Wine?" here.

Listen to "Blood or Wine?" here!


Hexagon Cat "Sorry":

Hexagon Cat 'Blue Hexagon'

Hexagon Cat's "Sorry," takes listeners on a musical journey through a delicate soundscape, effectively encapsulating the band's unique style. The track opens with a high-pitched keyboard motif that delicately dances around, creating an ethereal atmosphere. Spacey vocals float above the music, delivering an apologetic message, with the poignant refrain "I'm sorry I pushed you away" repeated as if it's the only thing the protagonist can say, a reflection of his emotional turmoil.

Read more about "I'm Sorry" here. 

Stream Hexagon Cat's "I'm Sorry" here:


New Saviors "Garden of Lies"

The Behaviour 'A Sin Dance'

New Saviors' latest song, "Garden Of Lies," is a powerhouse of sound and lyrical depth that pushes the boundaries of their genre. Fierce drums and electric guitars create a sonic landscape that commands attention, while the standout feature is how the female vocals intertwine seamlessly with the more aggressive side of the male vocals, a signature of the genre, resulting in a compelling juxtaposition. Mick King's vocal talent shines brightly, showcasing an impressive vocal range.

 Read more about "Garden of Lies" here  

Stream New Saviors' "Garden of Lies" here:


D. Marin Perez "Restless":

D. Marin Perez OTM

"Restless" is a semi-neurotic song from 2020 that, in retrospect, probably has a lot more to do with attachment style than I realized when writing it. Attachment style -- y'know, that theory about our patterns of relating to other people in family, friendship, relationship, etc. I think we all carry some baggage around that -- relating in healthy, vulnerable ways to the people closest to us. Coming awake to fractured or less-than-ideal relational dynamics and patterns is a wild ride -- unnerving and liberating at the same time, if you can get brave enough to seek healing. I think that's definitely a journey I'm on. Here’s a song about a time in my life when I was just starting to peek under the rug."  

-D. Marin Perez

Read more about D. Marin Perez here.

Watch D. Marin Perez's On the MIC episode here!


Hermosa Chapter 23

Chapter 23 Hermosa

Hermosa's latest EP, Chapter 23, is a mesmerizing journey through the intricacies of relationships, adorned with sensual lyricism. Her enchanting vocals, with a buttery quality, take center stage in each track, complemented by smooth beats that infuse a distinct '90s nostalgia into the EP. What sets Chapter 23 apart is the seamless energy that flows through all six tracks, creating a cohesive listening experience that feels like a musical play-through playlist, making it a must-listen for fans of soulful R&B.

Read more about Hermosa's Chapter 23 here!

Listen to Hermosa's Chapter 23 here:


Shower Beers Feat. SoSo"One More Shot"

One More Shot- Shower Beers Feat. SoSo

Shower Beers' latest single, "One More Shot" featuring SoSo, is a pop-punk gem that kicks off with a powerful instrumental lead-up featuring tight drums and gripping guitar riffs. The song's strength lies in its fast, melodic vocal lines, which seamlessly complement the energetic guitar work, evoking reminiscent vibes of the iconic Blink-182. "One More Shot" weaves a cute and fun love story throughout.

Read more about Shower Beers' "One More Shot here! 

Listen to Shower Beers "One More Shot" here!


The Northern "Drown"

The Northern 'Drown'

In the sonic intersection of djent and metalcore, The Northern, a Canadian band, has carved out a distinctive niche that resonates deeply with their dedicated fanbase. Just last week they released their latest single, "Drown" and Stef from The MIC caught up with the band to talk about their musical journey and new music!

Read the interview with The Northern here!

Listen to The Northern's "Drown" here!


Luke Whalen Maybe This is Who I Am:

Maybe This is Who I Am - Luke Whalen

Luke Whalen's debut EP, Maybe This is Who I Am, navigates the intricacies of growing pains and the complexities of relationships. Whalen's storytelling shines, painting a vivid and relatable picture of personal experiences and emotions throughout Maybe This is Who I Am.

Read more about Luke Whalen's Maybe This is Who I Am here.

Listen to Maybe This is Who I Am here!


Mike Freund "Kicking Dirt"

Sierra Levesque "GET OFF MY STAGE"

Mike Freund's musical odyssey, rooted in the heart of New Jersey, unfolds like a symphony, echoing with tales of trials and triumphs. His inaugural paying gig encountered discord in the form of a car crash, leading to an unexpected night in the ER. Unfazed by setbacks, Freund pressed on, only to confront a burglary that stripped him of his equipment at the inception of his recording journey. In an exclusive interview, Stef catches up with Mike to delve into the nuances of his latest release and the artistic journey. 

Read the interview here!

Stream "Kicking Dirt" here:


Other Fun Things The MIC Did In November:

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Tim Carbone and Bobby Syvarth's Birthday Bash

The MIC Pre-Save

Tim Carbone of Railroad Earth and Bobby Syvarth Celebrated both of their birthdays Thursday Night at Krogh's Restaurant and Brew Pub in Sparta!

Read all about the night here!


YouTube & #Shorts

Tim Carbone and Bobby Syvarth

Joe Bonamassa, Evil Mama Crossroads

Joe Bonamassa Soloing in Evil Mama, Crossroads

Joe Bonamassa, The Heart That Never Waits, Crossroads

Joe Bonamassa jams on The Heart that Never Waits, Crossroads

Thanks for seeing what we've been up to and listening to in November; stay tuned for December!


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