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Dead Days "Death Song": Graphic Intensity, Resilience, and Self-Reclamation

Originating from London, Ontario, Dead Days stormed onto the Canadian metalcore scene in 2019. Teaming up with producer Lee Albrecht, they crafted a debut self-titled E.P. in 2020 that swiftly earned acclaim, featuring two singles that garnered press coverage and Spotify playlist placements. Despite the setback of COVID-19, which halted live shows, the band, under the guidance of Justin “JD” DeBlieck, delved into prolific songwriting starting in August 2020. This fruitful collaboration led to their signing with Theoria Records in 2021 and the subsequent release of the well-received EP "Tyrants" in 2022, with standout singles "Suffering" and "Tombstone" gaining significant attention. In 2023, Dead Days independently released the highly praised single "Past Life."Yesterday, they unveiled their latest single, "Death Song," and the band promises a continued surge of music in 2024 and beyond.

Dead Days Image Credit: Christina Marchioni

Photo Credit: Christina Marchioni

"Death Song"

Written and Performed By: Dead Days

Vocals: Don Tuer

Guitar: Jeff Folkes, Jimmy Van Pham

Bass: Wayne Jefferson

Drums, Vocals: Adam Linka

Recording, Mix, Production: Justin “JD” DeBlieck at JdB Audio Productions

In the words of vocalist Don Tuer of Dead Days: "I wrote Death Song when I was in a deep place of resentment and despair. It felt like the world around me was trying to make me give up and fall apart. Cathartic is the only word I can think of when it comes to this song. It's basically a metaphorical line drawn in the sand and we dare you to cross it. We've been pulled so far down and hated ourselves more than any other person could, so you can't hurt us anymore."

Dead Days "Death Song" Album Art

LONG STORY SHORT: Dead Days' latest release, "Death Song," plunges listeners into a visceral experience with its graphic and intense imagery. The lyrics, including lines like "I came to watch you bleed/I paid my ticket/So lay down/At the guillotine," depict a narrative fueled by angst and vengeance. The song not only delivers a sonic assault but pairs it with a music video that captures the raw energy of their live performances. Drenched in sweat and passion, the band delivers a riveting performance while fans headbang in unison. The heavy and hard-hitting nature of the track is accentuated by powerful, driving guitar riffs that leave a lasting impression. The guttural vocals, laden with emotion, carry each lyric, creating an immersive and impactful listening experience. Lead vocalist Don Tuer describes "Death Song" as a metaphorical line drawn in the sand, "We've been pulled so far down and hated ourselves more than any other person could, so you can't hurt us anymore." This declaration adds a layer of resilience and defiance, turning the song into not just a musical composition but a bold assertion of strength and self-reclamation.


Stream "Death Song" below! 


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