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The MIC Mag's April 2024 Issue!

Welcome to The MIC's Monthly Issue, where you can see what we've had on repeat all month long!

your friend juniper:

your friend juniper MMOTM

From co-founding a music collective in Los Angeles to her current endeavors touring new music in London, your friend juniper's journey is marked by creativity and determination. Influenced by the likes of Madison Cunningham and Regina Spektor, her music resonates with evocative lyricism and a deep emotional connection. One her latest singles, "This Season," amassed over twenty thousand streams within its first two weeks followed by another genre-blending release, "i made you weep." Your friend juniper is currently preparing for a full band performance at this year's Next Fest LA on May 3rd and plans for a new music release in April!

Read more about your friend juniper here.

Listen to your friend juniper here:


Crash Exhibition Alright

Crash Exhibition Alright Album Art

From bashing biscuit tins in a boy band with his father to wielding a guitar in his teenage years, Hammond's musical evolution has been both eclectic and deeply personal. Drawing from a diverse range of influences spanning pop-punk, emo, folk, ska, and Britpop, Crash Exhibition explores the depths of human emotion and societal disillusionment. Dedicated to honest and vulnerable songwriting, Crash Exhibition unveils his anticipated sophomore album, Alright.

Read more about Alright  here.

Stream Crash Exhibition's Alright here


PEÑA "aquí conmigo":

PEÑA "aquí conmigo" Album Art

Born to Chilean immigrants listening to Reggaeton, Bachata, and Salsa oozing from the car windows of his NJ hometown, Valenzuela's journey from rebellion against his Latin roots to embracing them forms the cornerstone of PEÑA's identity. With a revolving lineup that blends Valenzuela's solo vision with the collective energy of his bandmates—Karina Alterman, Lewis Gallardo, Sina Khan, Saam Khan, and Max Bramer—Peña finds its home in the Bay Area, where they not only create music together but also support each other's artistic ventures.

Read more about PEÑA's "aquí conmigo": here!

Listen to PEÑA's "aquí conmigo" here


MØNTE "Cowboys"

MØNTE "Cowboys" Album Art

Following MØNTE's transformative semester in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee, where she immersed herself in the intricacies of audio engineering at Blackbird Studios and interned at Sound Stage Studios. MØNTE continues to perform live captivating audiences, releasing her previous single,"Sam's Song," on Valentine's Day and her latest track, "Cowboys," out NOW!

Read more about MØNTE's "Cowboys" here!

Listen to MØNTE's "Cowboys" here


Jason Didner "Too Many Tabs Open"

Jason Didner "Too Many Tabs Open" Album Art

Jason Didner is the embodiment of Jersey rock infused with Jersey humor and heart! Didner seamlessly weaves between comedic observations and heartfelt reflections in his music, drawing inspiration from songwriting greats like The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, and Harry Nilsson. Whether he's delivering a comical diatribe against acronym abuse in "People Against the Abuse of Acronyms (PAAA)" or the heartfelt "Disinformation Overload," Jason's lyrical skills covers a wide spectrum. Through his music, Jason crafts immersive experiences, where lyrics dictate musical styles ranging from reggae to folk ballads, all resonating with authenticity and Jersey spirit. Let's take a step into one of his latest singles, "Too Many Tabs Open," from his upcoming album Digital Carnival

Read more about Jason Didner's "Too Many Tabs Open" here

Listen to Jason Didner's "Too Many Tabs Open" here


Luke Whalen "Going Through thEmotions"

Luke Whalen 'Going Through thEmotions' Album Art

Luke Whalen emerges as a beacon of authenticity in the pop/indie music scene, hailing from Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Beyond his love for music and art, Luke imbues each song with raw emotion and genuine passion, forging a profound connection with his audience. With a background deeply rooted in family influences and a personal dedication to every aspect of his craft, Luke's music resonates and relates to his listeners, whether it's through a single lyric or an entire song. Following the success of his debut EP, Maybe This is Who I Am, Luke now invites his audience to dive into his latest album, Going Through thEmotions, just released on April 17th. This album promises introspection, growth, and the compelling power of genuine storytelling, marking another milestone in Luke Whalen's journey.

Read more about Luke Whalen's Going Through thEmotions here!  

Listen to Luke Whalen's Going Through thEmotions here!




Cam Blake's musical journey has been a whirlwind of performance and creativity, gracing iconic venues such as The Fox Cabaret, The Biltmore, and The Rickshaw Theatre with his band since the early days of 2018. And as anticipation reached its peak, Cam Blake unleashed a trilogy of singles — "GRAVITY" featuring MNRK pop-rock artist Cody Lawless, followed by "RED TAPE," and the eagerly awaited "ANOTHER DESPERATE WORLD TURNED TO NOTHINGNESS." Now, with upcoming release of his sophomore album, "SATISFACTION OF SAMENESS," out May 3rd, Cam Blake sits down with Stef for Five Fast Facts on his upcoming release!

Read Cam Blake's Five Fast Facts here

Listen to Cam Blake here


On The MIC: planet zuz "I Know You" Faye Webster Cover

Luke Whalen 'Going Through thEmotions' Album Art

This month we launched The MIC MG's On The MIC Cover Series! After releasing three incredible seasons of our On The MIC YouTube Series including all original music from indie artists, we're launching something new: an On The MIC Cover series! Now, you'll get to hear your favorite artists, playing their favorite artists. From their biggest influences to their favorite cover tune they jam out to live, you'll see it exclusively on The MIC MG's YouTube channel!

For our very first episode, we're On The MIC with planet zuz performing Faye Webster's "I Know You."

Read more about planet zuz here!  

Watch planet zuz On The MIC here!


Other Fun Things The MIC Mag + MG Did In April:

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Social media is just about the biggest tool for independent and emerging artists to showcase their talent, connect with fans, and grow their audience. But standing out in an oversaturated market, and playing nice with the algorithm is hard. It requires strategic planning and execution! 

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womens herstory month: indie artist advice

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Thanks for seeing what we've been up to and listening to this month; stay tuned for May!


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