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The MIC Mag's January 2024 Issue

Welcome to The MIC's Monthly Issue, where you can see what we've had on repeat all month long!

Natasha Blaine:

Natasha Blaine MMOTM

In the heart of the vibrant Nashville music scene, Natasha Blaine has carved a distinctive niche with her groovy and soulful sound, earning her acclaim as "one of Nashville's most acclaimed rising stars," according to Jrodconcerts. A musical journey-woman, Blaine seamlessly weaves her vocal jazz roots into a rich tapestry that blends the warmth of jazz with the infectious groove and drive of neo-soul and pop. Influenced by the likes of D'Angelo, Lianne La Havas, and Amy Winehouse, Blaine's artistry transcends genres, creating a sonic experience that captivates audiences and establishes her as a noteworthy force in the evolving landscape of contemporary music. Read more about Natasha Blaine here.

Listen to Natasha Blaine's Coincidences here:


Thirsty Curses "I Never Learn"

Thirst Curses "I Never Learn"

Based in Raleigh, NC, Thirsty Curses emerges as a compelling rock 'n roll ensemble, spearheaded by the enduring partnership of frontman Wilson Getchell and bassist Clayton Herring, complemented by the recent addition of drummer Jeremiah Rhodes. Since their inception in 2017, the band has skillfully navigated through grunge, alt-country, punk, garage rock, classic rock, and power pop influences, infusing their music with a unique blend of impassioned yet sardonic lyrics.

 Read more about "I Never Learn" here

Stream Thirsty Curses "I Never Learn" here


Lupe Dragon "Cruise Control":

Lupe Dragon "Cruise Control"

Originating from Northern New Jersey, Lupe Dragon creates music that takes you on an immersive journey. Her warm vocals and genre-defying melodies explore emotional pain, anxiety disorders, self-worth, and love infusing each composition with a particular depth and a raw and vulnerable authenticity. Influenced by a diverse array of musical pioneers, including Linkin Park, Avril Lavigne, Alanis Morissette, Dashboard Confessional, and Paramore, Lupe blends introspective lyricism with intricate guitar riffs for an entrancing musical tapestry.

Read more about "Cruise Control" here.

Listen to Lupe Dragon's "Cruise Control" here!


Dani Zanoni's 20 Something

Dani Zanoni '20 Something'

Dani Zanoni, indie/pop singer-songwriter from Northern New Jersey, brings a refreshing blend of influences that span from the soulful tunes of Sara Bareilles to the evocative sounds of Sasha Sloan. With the recent release of her debut EP 20 Something on January 12th, Dani Zanoni opens a window for listeners to peer into her world. Through the intricacies of navigating one's 20s, her music becomes a journey of self-discovery and resilience.

Read more about Dani Zanoni's 20 Something here!

Listen to Dani Zanoni's 20 Something here:


The Ryan Express Underground

The Ryan Express 'Underground'

Ryan Hubener's musical journey kicked off with a deep dive into rhythm, learning drums at age 14. Self-taught without any formal training, Ryan prioritized sound, emotion, and artistic creation over music theory. In 2004, he founded the grunge-inspired band Wave on the Barrage, producing the album The Age of Ventriloquism. Following this chapter, The Ryan Express emerged in 2006 as an acoustic singer-songwriter project. Concurrently, Ryan delved into sound engineering, leading to the establishment of Fountainworks Recordings in Kansas City, MO. His latest album Underground serves as a reflection on the emotions and internal turmoil experienced during this poignant time in Ryan Hubener's musical journey.

Read more about The Ryan Express' Underground here! 

Listen to The Ryan Express' Underground here!


Jack Flowers and the Petal Tones

Jack Flowers and The Petal Tones

The New Jersey indie music scene is brimming with talented musicians. One such group is Jack Flowers and The Petal Tones, an indie rock band with a unique approach to their music. These music students use their creativity to craft fanciful narratives that blend make-believe and reality. Jack Flowers and The Petal Tones bring a fresh

perspective to the indie rock scene, and we will delve into how they achieve this. Join us as we discover their immersive world where music is more than just a melody.

Read the interview with Jack Flowers and The Petal Tones here!  

Listen to Jack Flowers and The Petal Tones here!


Loser Company "Raptors":

"Raptors" Loser Company

Loser Company, with their slacker indie rock vibes, offers a musical sanctuary for those who've experienced the trials of life's losing moments. Formed in 2017 by childhood friends Mas and Will, who serendipitously reunited in California amidst the aftermath of destructive fires. Fueled by a desire to create music that resonates with both melancholy and joy, Loser Company invites listeners to navigate life's challenges together. As they gear up for the full release of The Floor in 2024, Loser Company offers a preview with a live session featuring Saundy and other talented musicians, for a unique and immersive experience for their dedicated fanbase. Stef caught up with the band to chat about one of their latest singles, "Raptors."

Read more about Loser Company's "Raptors" here.

Listen to "Raptors" here!


Cam Blake "RED TAPE"

Cam Blake "RED TAPE"

Growing up in a musical family, Cam Blake began crafting music at the age of eight. As a versatile artist, Cam seamlessly blends indie/alternative rock, electronic, and hyperpop influences into his compositions, showcasing a dynamic creative vision. Currently based in The Greater Vancouver Area, Cam dedicates himself to the artistry of music, from writing and performing to recording and collaborating with fellow musicians.

Read more Cam Blake's "RED TAPE" here

Listen to Cam Blake's "RED TAPE" here


Other Fun Things The MIC Mag + MG Did In January:

The MIC Music Group: Mag & Label Services

This January, we officially launched the The MIC into The MIC Music Group: Mag & Label Services!

Find more about our expansion here!

The MIC Pre-Save

Every month we ask our Musicians of the Month, "What advice do you have for aspiring independent artists?"

Read our the advice here!

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Let's dive into why you need it, and read about it here!

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Introducing: The MIC Music Group!

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Thanks for seeing what we've been up to and listening to this month; stay tuned for February!


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