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The MIC Mag's June 2024 Issue!

Welcome to The MIC's Monthly Issue, where you can see who we've featured and what we've had on repeat all month long!

Emily Jeanne Brown:

Emily Jeanne Brown MMOTM

Emily Jeanne Brown's music captures the essence of transitions: from childhood to adulthood, the journey from the West Coast to the East Coast, and the shift from a pre-pandemic to a post-pandemic world. she has released a series of original singles in the vein of other current indie-folk pop women like boygenius, Maggie Rogers, and Phoebe Bridgers. Her release, "Late Bloomer," the second single from her Nina EP, showcases her evolving artistry, co-produced by Deidre Muro and released through YouTooCanWoo’s imprint, Sunken Living Room.

Read more about Emily Jeanne Brown here.


MØNTE's "23"

MØNTE "23" Album Art

""23" is about getting older and feeling strange about it. While writing this song I thought about how certain birthdays are so exciting when we are kids. For me when I was a kid I was so excited to turn 18 and be an adult and 21 when I could finally buy alcohol. When I passed those ages I started to feel very melancholic about my birthday. Being in your 20s in general is a very difficult time so I wanted to write a song about that. I want people to be excited like we were when we were kids about getting older. Aging is beautiful but it's something I know we all slightly dread it." - MØNTE

Read more about MØNTE's "23" here.


Joy Burklund "on the line":

joy burklund "on the line" album art

Joy Burklund is a versatile theater artist, singer, songwriter, performer, and filmmaker. New Jersey-born, she dedicated ten years in New York City to her performance and film career. In 2022, Joy rekindled her passion for songwriting and vocal performance, a pursuit she first embraced in her high school indie punk band. With the support and inspiration of her mentor, Diane Cluck, she began crafting new love songs. By summer 2023, she had assembled a new band, performing at various venues in Philadelphia and New York City. Joy burklund & her band are gearing up to release their album, Songboquet, but on May 31st they've unveiled their debut single, "on the line"!

Read more about Joy Burklund's "on the line" here!


Love Letter! "Child of the Earth" Music Video Premiere!

Love Letter! "Child of the Earth" Album Art

Love Letter! is a dynamic fem-fronted three-piece alternative rock band with early goth influences, hailing from New Jersey. Formed in 2021 when guitarist Bruce Macchione and drummer Marc Norton connected through a mutual friend, the band initially played together for a year before taking a hiatus. Their sound and lineup evolved when they met bassist and singer Emily Terzano in the winter of 2023, steering their music in a darker direction. Now, rebranded and rejuvenated, Love Letter! proudly introduces their debut EP, Mother Superior, a four-song collection that showcases their hauntingly fresh and captivating sound.

Read more about Love Letter! and their new music video here!


Bianca Jazmine "I Am Mine"

Bianca Jazmine "I Am Mine" Album Art

Bianca Jazmine, an indie rock singer-songwriter, champions peace, empathy, and unity through her music. Described as "an inspirational voice for her generation," she inspires people to embrace their individuality and contribute to personal and communal growth. Jazmine’s songwriting, characterized by honesty and vulnerability, showcases her ability to navigate difficult times with grace and resilience. Bianca Jazmine just released her new single, "I Am Mine," and Stef caught up with Bianca to talk about her musical journey and her new release.

Read the interview here


Christine Tarquinio "New Year's Day"

Christine Tarquinio 'New Year's Day' Album Art

Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Christine Tarquinio debuted in 2014 and has since developed a diverse musical style. By collaborating with other musicians, Christine brings her artistic visions to life, imbuing her work with authenticity and emotion. Often compared to Gwen Stefani, Natalie Imbruglia, and Jewel, she captivates audiences with her sensitive and multifaceted sound. In addition to her musical career, Christine is a dedicated singing teacher, nurturing the talents of aspiring vocalists. She finds inspiration in her family and the joys and challenges of parenthood. Last year, Christine released "You and Me" before her EP "Silhouette," followed by "All Angles" earlier this year. This month, she returns with another single, "New Year's Day."

Read more about Christine Tarquinio and "New Year's Day" here!  


On The MIC: Anthony Carreras "Lonely Boy" The Black Keys Cover

anthony carreras

Houston singer-songwriter Anthony Carreras hops On The MIC this week to deliver a captivating cover of The Black Keys' "Lonely Boy."

Read more about Anthony Carreras here!  


On The MIC: Shane Scarazzini "That's How I Got To Memphis" Tom T Hall Cover

shane scarazzini

Our On The MIC Covers Series brings you a very special performance of Tom T Hall's "That's How I Got To Memphis" covered by Shane Scarazzini!

Read more about Shane Scarazzini here!  


On Repeat 🔁


Other Fun Things The MIC Mag + MG Did In June:

how to build your artist brand

Artist branding is as old as time. Now that social media is just about the largest part of building a fanbase, it is more important than ever to focus on what your artist brand is, and how to show it!

Read all about how to build you artist brand and why it's important here!

Building a Buzz

building a buzz

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Thanks for seeing what we've been up to and listening to this month; stay tuned for July!


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