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The MIC Mag's May 2024 Issue!

Welcome to The MIC's Monthly Issue, where you can see what we've had on repeat all month long!

Abbie Roper:

Abbie Roper MMOTM

In the heart of New York City's bustling music scene, Abbie Roper emerges as a dynamic force alongside her band, a spirited quartet known simply as "bois." With an electrifying fusion of indie rock and punk, they ignite stages across the city's iconic venues, infusing their sets with Abbie's compelling originals and spirited renditions of beloved early 2000s pop-punk anthems. As the pulsating rhythms and raw energy of their performances captivate audiences, Abbie Roper etches her name into the vibrant tapestry of NYC's musical landscape, a beacon of creativity and passion in a city that never sleeps.

Read more about Abbie Roper here.

Listen to Abbie Roper here:


Monique Angele "Dreaming"

Monique Angele "Dreaming" Album Art

A rising star hailing from Canada and Australia, Monique Angele's signature blend of operatic piano pop sets her apart. With a captivating fusion of classical finesse and contemporary allure, her music resonates with audiences worldwide. Behind each note lies a narrative woven with precision and passion, reflecting Monique's journey of self-discovery and resilience. Influenced by icons such as Kate Bush, Tori Amos, and Queen, Monique's music defies genre boundaries, offering a genuine and vulnerable glimpse into her soul. Angele's latest single, "Dreaming," released May 3rd, offers an escape from the stresses of life.

Read more about Monique Angele's "Dreaming" here.

Stream Monique Angele's "Dreaming" here




Cam Blake's journey through music has been a whirlwind of creativity and performance. Since 2018, he and his band have traveled across Canada on a tour and shared stages with renowned acts at festivals such as the Barnside Harvest Festival and Khatsahlano Street Party. Leading up to his sophomore album's release, Cam Blake treated fans to a trilogy of singles — "GRAVITY" featuring MNRK pop-rock artist Cody Lawless, followed by "RED TAPE," and the highly anticipated "ANOTHER DESPERATE WORLD TURNED TO NOTHINGNESS." We recently sat down with Cam Blake chatting about the Five Fast Facts on his upcoming release. Now that SATISFACTION OF SAMENESS is officially released, let's dive into this new record!

Read more about Cam Blake's SATISFACTION OF SAMENESS here!

Listen to Cam Blake's SATISFACTION OF SAMENESS here


Pete's Diary "Keep On Rockin'"

Pete's Diary "Keep On Rockin'" Album Art

Pete's Diary, an independent Chicago rock trio, is gearing up to release their debut album, Keep On Rockin'. The band's moniker, Pete's Diary, finds its roots in the personal journey of Peter Dankelson, whose medical diary and motivational speaking have inspired many. Despite facing challenges such as hearing loss and physical disabilities, Dankelson, often referred to as "Angus Jr.," persevered, teaching himself to play guitar and penning the Amazon bestseller "How I Learned to Rock My Life." Alongside Dankelson, Mac McRae lends his talents on lead vocals and bass, while Ryan "Rocky" Johnson keeps the rhythm pulsating on drums. With over 800K followers, fans are anticipating this record to capture the essence of the golden era of rock.

Read more about Pete's Diary's "Keep On Rockin'" here!

Listen to Pete's Diary's "Keep On Rockin'" here


Tiger La Flor "rope bunny"

Tiger La Flor "rope bunny" Album Art

Tigerlily, now known by her artist name Tiger La Flor (or Tiger del Flor), initially found her musical footing in Seattle before blossoming into an indie pop sensation in Hollywood. Having fronted an all-girl grunge outfit, she's since embarked on a solo journey, marked by notable appearances on Love Island USA, SXSW, and a devoted social media following. With millions of Spotify streams under her belt, she seamlessly merges nostalgia with her grunge and pop influences, crafting a distinctive sound that's garnered editorial support from leading playlists like Spotify's "Indie Pop" and Amazon Music’s "Indie Dance." Notably, she's a vocal advocate for AAPI representation in entertainment. Following the success of her 2023 and early 2024 releases, Tiger La Flor recently unveiled "rope bunny," a track infused with '80s-inspired vibes.

Read more about Tiger La Flor's "rope bunny" here

Listen to Tiger La Flor's "rope bunny" here


Richard Berger Retrovert

Richard Berger 'Retrovert' Album Art

Richard Berger is a multifaceted artist who seamlessly balances his dual passions for music and technology. Based in LA, he wears multiple hats as a songwriter and indie artist while also spearheading a tech lab for major motion picture studios. In his 50s, Berger reflects on the passage of time, but his creativity remains youthful and vibrant, infusing his compositions with a timeless energy. As a keyboard player, he orchestrates lush soundscapes where guitars play a supporting role, and his introspective lyrics delve into themes of relationships, personal growth, and the pursuit of creative passion. His latest album, Retrovert, encapsulates his ethos of blending the nostalgic with the contemporary, offering listeners a unique sonic journey that resonates with dreamers longing for both the past and the future.

Read more about Richard Berger's Retrovert here!  

Listen to Richard Berger's Retrovert here!


The Quivering Palm's Back Around Again for the First Time

The Quivering Palm 'Back Around Again for the First Time' Album Art

The Quivering Palm, a one-person band helmed by Kevin "KP" Hahn, single-handedly crafts each song, plays every instrument and co-produces the recordings. The sound of TQP deftly straddles the line between alternative and the familiar, blending indie rock with electronic pop, all tinged with, as Kevin calls it, "a touch of madness." Their debut EP, "Back Around Again for the First Time," released in July 2021, steadily built a dedicated following. Notably, The Quivering Palm achieved 1st runner-up in two prestigious UK songwriting contests: the 2023 Radio WIGWAM Awards and the 2023 Lights and Lines Album Writing Club. Today we take a look into this this 2021 TQP record!

Read about The Quivering Palm's Debut EP here

Listen to Back Around Again for the First Time here


On The MIC: Jeremy Abrams "Fear" Cory Wells Cover

Jeremy Abrams OTM Cover Series

On this episode of our On The MIC Cover Series, we're treated to Cory Well's "Fear," covered by Jeremy Abrams!

Read more about Jeremy Abrams here!  

Watch Jeremy Abrams On The MIC here!


On The MIC: Kate Dressed Up "Cape Canaveral" Conor Oberst Cover

Kate Dressed Up OTM Cover Series

On this episode of our On The MIC Cover Series, we're treated to a performance of Conor Oberst's "Cape Canaveral," covered by the very talented Kate Dressed Up!

Read more about Kate Dressed Up here!  

Watch Kate Dressed Up On The MIC here!


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