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The December 2023 Issue!

Welcome to The MIC's Monthly Issue, where you can see what we've had on repeat all month long!

Sean Tobin:

Sean Tobin MMOTM

Having recently relocated to Nashville, Tennessee, to pursue his songwriting career, Sean Tobin originally comes from the bustling music scene of Asbury Park, New Jersey. Inspired by folk singers and high-energy rockers, Tobin has taken his singer-songwriter skills from dive bars, clubs, and basements to busking the streets of Galway, Ireland. Last month, Sean Tobin unveiled his fourth studio album, "Hands Like Mine," firmly maintaining his independence by personally writing and producing the album. Collaborating with longtime band members David Patiño, Jack Breslin, and Jake Garbe, as well as guitarist Evan Dibbs, Tobin continues to forge his own path in the music industry. Read more about Sean Tobin here.

Listen to Sean Tobin's Hands Like Mine here:


Dead Days "Death Song"

Dead Days "Death Song"

Dead Days' latest release, "Death Song," plunges listeners into a visceral experience with its graphic and intense imagery.  The song not only delivers a sonic assault but pairs it with a music video that captures the raw energy of their live performances. Drenched in sweat and passion, the band delivers a riveting performance while fans headbang in unison. The heavy and hard-hitting nature of the track is accentuated by powerful, driving guitar riffs that leave a lasting impression.

 Read more about "Death Song" here  

Stream Dead Days "Death Song" here:


Songbird "Mary, Did You Know?":

Songbird Holiday OTM

"I chose "Mary, Did You Know?" because after hearing this song again last year, I felt inspired. I’ve always known this song, but the song reminds me of what this time of year means. Growing older, I appreciate the holidays and the ones I love more and more. 

Also, Jesus is a part of my life, the song really speaks of his power. I hope everyone has a healthy happy holiday with their loved ones and you all live life to the fullest! Best wishes to my Birdies (what I named my fans haha!)"  


Read more about Songbird here.

Watch Songbird's *Holiday* On the MIC episode here!


Nicolena's "December 25th"

Nicolena "December 25th"

Nicolena's "December 25th" stands out as a beautiful and empathetic exploration of grief during the holiday season, offering solace and connection to those who resonate with its heartfelt message.

Read more about Nicolena's "December 25th" here!

Listen to Nicolena's "December 25th" here:


King of Cups"War On Christmas"

King of Cups "War On Christmas"

King of Cups injects a burst of alt-pop-punk energy into the holiday season with their latest release, "The War On Christmas." This festive tune, adorned with a choir and jingle bells, is a refreshing take on the traditional holiday song. With a tongue-in-cheek narrative, the track humorously explores the desire to wage war on the Christmas holiday, even playfully contemplating enlistment.

Read more about King of Cups "War on Christmas" here! 

Listen to King of Cups "War On Christmas" here!


Laini and the Wildfire Hold On To Your Soul

Laini and the Wildfire 'Hold On To Your Soul'

Building on the acclaim of their 2017 debut album 'Wandering,' recognized as the "Best Pop Band" by Indie Voice blog, the band continues to garner accolades for their dynamic live performances in venues and festivals across the northeast. Stef caught up with Laini to discuss the band's latest release and musical journey for our latest Five Fast Facts!

Read the interview with Laini here!  

Listen to Laini and the Wildfire's Hold On To Your Soul here!


Mike Freund "Kicking Dirt":

"Kicking Dirt" Mike Freund

Mike Freund's "Kicking Dirt" is more than a song; it's an experience—a rallying cry that encourages us all to keep moving forward, no matter the obstacles in our path.

Read more about Mike Freund's "Kicking Dirt" here.

Listen to "Kicking Dirt" here!


Jake Roggenkamp "I'll Be Home for Christmas"

Jake Roggenkamp-OTM

"I'll Be Home for Christmas" is easily my favorite Christmas song. It's a perfect example of what makes a great song: simple lyrics with flourishes of poetry that deliver a sincere message all wrapped together by a beautiful melody and chord structure. It's timeless songs like this that inspire me to continue improving my writing; there is magic in these old songs and all writers should be aspiring to capture a similar magic in their work, in my opinion." - Jake Roggenkamp

Read more about Jake Roggenkamp here

Watch Jake Roggenkamp's *Holiday* On the MIC episode here!


Crash Exhibition's "Forget You":

Crash Exhibition "Forget You"

Crash Exhibition's "Forget You," is a story that acknowledges the dark thoughts and anxieties that can creep inside our mind, but channels that emotion into an ironically upbeat and dynamic song you can jam out to.

Read more about Crash Exhibition's "Forget You" here.

Listen to "Forget You" here!


Jake Thistle "Christmas in Prison"

Sierra Levesque "GET OFF MY STAGE"

"Every holiday season, I find myself looking for the more unconventional Christmas songs, and John Prine is no stranger to clever, unique writing. I've always gravitated towards deeper cuts, and that must go for holiday tunes, as well!" -Jake Thistle

!Read more about Jake Thistle here

Watch Jake Thistle's *Holiday* On the MIC episode here!


Stefan West's "Happily Ever After":

Stefan West "Happily Ever After"

Stefan West's "Happily Ever After" unfolds with a deliberate and slow-building entrance, characterized by poignant drum rolls and acoustic guitar picking.Infused with a pop-punk vigor, the vocal phrasing in Stefan West's performance is elevated by his robust vocals, skillfully delivering the narrative with remarkable intonation. The sparse instrumentation strategically places the storyline and lyricism at the forefront, creating an intimate connection with the listener.

Read more about Stefan West's "Happily Ever After" here.

Listen to "Happily Ever After" here!


Rosie Timmon "Fairytale of New York"

Rosie Timmon Holiday OTM

"Fairytale of New York is an Irish Christmas Anthem and hearing it always makes me feel at home! Shane MacGowan, lead singer of The Pogues who sings this song recently passed away and so it is my honor to sing this special song this Christmas season for him and all of Ireland." -Rosie Timmon

!Read more about Rosie Timmon here

Watch Rosie Timmon's *Holiday* On the MIC episode here!


Becky Crosby "Winter Wonderland"

Becky Crosby Holiday OTM

"Winter Wonderland has always been one of my favorite Christmas songs. I especially love the Ella Fitzgerald version, so I thought doing a cover of the song would be a lot of fun!"

-Becky Crosby

Read more about Becky Crosby here!

Watch Becky Crosby's *Holiday* On the MIC episode here!


Jackie June's "Sandcastles in the Rain":

jackie june "sandcastles in the rain"

Together, Jackie June and Rob Freeman deliver a dynamic collaboration with "Sandcastles in the Rain," that not only engages the senses with its upbeat and electronic soundscape but also resonates with listeners on a profound level, urging them to face their fears to chase their dreams.

Read more about Jackie June's "Sandcastles in the Rain" featuring Rob Freeman here.

Listen to "Sandcastles in the Rain" here!


Other Fun Things The MIC Did In December:

The MIC's Indie Christmas List

This December, we've created a Spotify Playlist of all of our NEW holiday favorites we discovered this year from some of our favorite independent musicians. Introducing The MIC's Indie Christmas List!

The MIC Pre-Save

One often overlooked avenue for exposure is radio stations, specifically college radio stations. But, local and college radio stations are still determined to foster connections with independent and emerging artists. Here are our seven reasons why college radio is a still an essential tool for independent and emerging artists!

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the mic 2023 wrapped

This year has been the biggest year yet for The MIC! We interviewed more artists, featured more songs, and shared more On The MIC episodes than ever before. Let's check out all The MIC's 2023 stats in The MIC's yearly wrapped roundup!


Thanks for seeing what we've been up to and listening to this year; stay tuned for 2024!


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